Alright that’s it.

I officially cannot, will not, shall not and MUST NOT go on any shopping frenzy anymore. I mean, yeah well I supposed I’ve overshot my budget.. but just a little though.

By the way, I love my new off-shoulder dress! It’s stylish, casual and not to mention very short . haha. Note to self: Do not ever wear that for clubbing unless I want Benj to skin me alive! =) *mwah*

Oh, and I felt like a million dollars after hitting the gym two days in a row already. FINALLY! Like, after so long. I finally feel the burn again but oh well, no one ever said achieving or maintaining a great figure was easy! Doesn’t really irk me though, as I kinda like that burning and painful sensation. Heck, I love workin out!

That’s me and Jan:

And I’m resuming my 5 times a week at the gym again! Really do miss it; the semester break and godforsaken chicken pox really made me lose track.