Another day out and I’m lovin it! Imagine if my whole life was composed of that… *dreams* won’t that be merry? But then again, I would be like an uneducated and effortless person in life if that was to happen.


Anyhow, I love my semester break! Haha


Had even more shopping today! Hmm… If it weren’t for Nadiah I probably would end up buying more. She literally dragged me away from the shops  everytime I mentioned, “Hey, I kinda like that! Do you think it’s nice?”


I HATE YOU for doing that to me babe, but I love you for doing that. Thanking you all the way. That’s because Benj ain’t with me to do his job that you (horridly) took over today. =P


So let’s see, I bought more stuff and goodies! A pair of shades that has negative-positive motifs designed at the sides, a really cool Beadzone necklace and a ring, a Vince & Co. bangle, a psychedelic babydoll dress and a bottle of nail polish. That MNG belt is still waiting for me!!! =) We hit the movies after that and had a teabreak. Oh, by the way…





I mean, totally. No joke! That movie kept me glued to my seat and watching in anticipation with full of suspense. Even when I just had had had to go to the ladies’, I realised that I naturally opened every cubicle first and looked around my surroundings repeatedly. Gosh. It freaked us out and I have to say, it was original. Ain’t those kinda typical movies where it’s just all predictable and boring. The plot was simply creative and the scenes were fab. Hey, stop reading and go watch it this instant. I don’t care if you’re lazing at home or had popcorn stuck in your nostrils from any previous movie you’ve watched. I’ll say it again and I really mean it – go watch Disturbia. Now.


Oh well, time to hit the sack. Gotta have enough rest for another day out tomorrow. Schedule?  Busting it out at the gym during the day and hitting the clubs during the night.


Ahhh.. Sweeeeeet