After Felicia’s class was postponed, woo-hoo! We headed straight to fill our tummy with some scrumptious and cheeeeesy foodstuff. Those delicious dip-its? Yupyup. =)

But what was cool is that we took SO MUCH salad.     Scratch that, a mountain of a salad. Hey, I wasn’t involved in the building process! Only the eating process was my part to bear. I take distinct pride in stuffing myself with cheese and not feeling bad about it. (until very much later, that is) We had so much fun visualizing gory descriptions of how it would be like to torture people in all sorts of ways. An example to share would be skinning a person by using a blunt knife and then pouring lemonade on our sweet victim. After that is over and done with, salt will be rubbed on every part of their raw flesh. ooh! And all of that was crapped up while enjoying our pizza.

Here we are – such a motley crew, no?                  
The masterminds behind the torture procedures

And what’s best is, I had a chance to meet up some of my old and not to mention, almost forgotten friends. Those were the days where we were all close back in high school. Even in kindergarten! We exchanged lotsa stories and pictures too

                      Jess and Wei Mei

Lai San, Kuen Mun and Jess              

    After that, I hit the gym and got myself a free cap for signing up my buddy Janice. Ya know, member-get-member scheme? Yup.

 Poor Benj contracted my chicken pox and I went up to his place to pay him a visit. When he was busy showering, his mum and I snapped a few piccies.                         


Aight, gotta run. Have some Irwan assignments to complete. Ciao