Day #1 turned out good.

As everybody else was on a vegetarian diet to commemorate the arrival of the 9th Emperor God or in my version, the Yellow Chinese Fellow.

I ended up eating some energy bars whilst watching them gobble up a pile of mashed up veggies in (horribly) sour gravy. No way Josė are you guys gonna force me into this vegetarian-thingy tomorrow. Think I’m stubborn?


But I’m staying adamant.

We then got all freshened up and got set for tonight’s family dinner… in a motherfucking VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT.

-which the food there turned out not as bad as I expected. Alright, I’m not giving it enough credit. It was good. Happy? Haha.


However, I find it highly illogical to give those dishes glamour names such as ‘Stir-Fried Pork’, ‘Steamed Cod’, ‘Chicken Curry’ and the like, when it’s actually, really and truthfully just the same bloody thing in different forms – Soya Skins. ‘Foo Chook’. Whatever you call it, but they mean the same thing. The wonder how they make it look exactly like its glamour name is beyond me. Those Soya Skins are ubiquitous throughout the entire dinner! Like I mentioned earlier, it’s basically the same thing taking the artificial form of poultry, seafood, beef, mutton and pork.

  Aunt Yih Lin then offered me some booze and hell yeah we had a mini happy hour! Just the two of us though, cos’ the rest are either too young or too old. =) OR alchohol intolerant. muahahahah

We then retreated back to Crumbling Woman’s house (don’t ask me what’s with the name; it’s a long story. My cousins back in KL would share the same inside joke) There, my other Aussie cousins from Down Under – Adeline and Nicholas –

were spending lotsa time with me chatting around about very general stuff. Up till a point where the general became not-so-general which gradually turned into specific issues. Certain things just cannot land on the wrong ears. Hence, the Notepad on his laptop came in handy.

 Rather ridiculous, I must say. Two people sitting directly side-by-side to one another chatting on the Notepad. Like, wtf?? Haha. =)

At the end of the day, I gathered something from today’s experience:

Malaysian Chinese vs. Australian Chinese

Plus point: Malaysian Chinese are generally able to speak 3 languages and 2dialects.

Down side: Malaysian Chinese at the age of 14 are not as mature in general comparison