Finally, I was home after so long. And as usual, there was absolutely nothing to do. No one to speak to except the lizard darting back and forth across the ceiling and nothing to keep me occupied except the idiot box and my trusty laptop.


Heck, you might as well guess what happened after 3hours. I left the house and went out again. Oh well.*shrugs*


The usual people whom I consider more ‘family’ than my own bloody ties. Yupyup, a lovable bunch – Joyce, Steph, Denise, Shin, Jeremy and myself. Just an inevitable feeling that makes me so willing to paint the town red with them and even share some quality time. Anyhow, the four of us (the rest couldn’t make it) met up for some dinner/supper around the Tanjong Bungah vicinity and goodness gracious, Shino was right! The burger was indeed fabulous… and huge too. LOL


Speaking of which, I envy the couple making those burgers. Strange but true. Their teamwork skills could put every team building workshop to shame and likewise, their interpersonal communication skills. We mass comm-ers should learn a thing or two from them. Oh, and how could I possibly FORGET; their impressive memory! (Ahh, the irony of it all) Each and every order placed by the customers had been mysteriously imprinted into their heads – accurately even! And no, we’re not talking about one or two customers, mind you. Even the way they handled their business and the methods of making their burger THE burger was done with pure conviction. Their hygiene level is beyond words!

Three cheers to you both.

May more customers frequent your store and marvel at these awesome traits you portray.


After a hearty meal, we then headed down to the infamous tourist spot in PenangBatu Fehringgi. The four of us had our noses in the DVDs for quite a while until we realised that we seemed to have lost Jeremy… only to find that he was sitting at one of the tables having a drink. Wow, you choose and purchased them really fast, dude. =)

Shino bought himself a new pair of shades whilst Joyce finally found the DVD that we were searching high and low for – A Walk to Remember. I was really attracted to this particular steel ciggie casing with Egyptian engravings all over it. A jaw-dropper… loved it. And an uber cool lighter with LV motifs imprinted on it. Hence, my purchases.


Joyce and I were then craving for coconut water all the way home.

Fairly odd hours to exhibit such desires, no?


Back at home, kakak’s birthday was celebrated in a small scale; hand-in-hand with my *ahem*  thoughtful gestures of buying her a surprise pizza eventhough I came all the way from Batu F.

Hey, it means a whole lot to see her smile –
she’s been with me for 15years.. and counting!


Haha. It’s a one-way ticket to Ipoh in some 8 hours time! Till then, nighty readers!