Day #2 was terrific!

The waking up part sucked, however.

I awoke to my mother screaming like a banshee. *grumbles* what a wonderful thing to wake up to, don’t you think? O.o

We all headed to the 9th Emperor God’s temple of yellow abundance. Well, more than half the time of the entire visit, I was sitting outside the temple with absolutely nothing to do except to eat corn-in-a-cup. Which, obviously, led to my people-watching skills. =P

The more I observe the faithful devotees around me, the more I urged to snap some pictures from the INSIDE of the holy ruins. The interior amazed me, albeit the smoke billowing from everyone’s joss sticks, everywhere.

Goodness me, I look so out of place. This. is. not. my. element.

The most peculiar thing was when I spotted a man taking out his i.d, driver’s liscense, cash, cards, house keys, car keys and whatever thingamajigs he had fished out from his pocket, to put into the pit of ashes and smoke. He ended with enveloping the smoke around his head. Like, okayyyy???

No yellow ducks that I once knew,

Fat Ones, Skinny ones, not two by two

Opera Shows, how could we ever forget? Haha. Pretty interesting, though I could hardly comprehend a word being sung.

Now, that was a rather enlightening experience.

Oh, and mum> The next time you decide to wake me up in such frustrating circumstances, think again. I shall not hesitate to place in you in this warm and cosy oven. =P

We adjourned to the mall – Ipoh Parade – and I tagged along as THEY did some shopping. Well, I can more or less state that I have retired from shopping for this entire month as I’m currently saving up for BenJica’s long-anticipated anniversary! *cheers*

Despite not being able to shop, my day in the mall was hell worthwhile. Heck, I met the world’s 2nd tallest man! I AM NOT KIDDING, mind you. There he was, standing tall (literally) before me, in the flesh!

And… *gulp* I though I was tall at 5’7”!!

The most unfortunate thing was, he could not speak a word of English, neither could he write in a way normal people would. I too reckon, that he is slightly deformed at the foot as one leg seemed to be longer than the other. Probably something defective with his fibula. One thing’s for sure, his Growth Hormones had mutated, which in turn, caused this gigantism on his entire anatomy and his face.

Crashing in at Crumbling Woman’s crib later during the heavy rain was fun too (No Baileys and Johnny Walker this time though) as I managed to see my cousins again. Hey Nick! You borrowed a borrowed property – the Fables!!! Haha. Glad you enjoy it as much as I do though.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for me tomorrow! =)