How didja spend yer Valentines Day dearies? In my entire life, this is the 1st time Val's Day clashes with the Lunar New Year. As expected, I spent my Vals-cum-CNY with the fockerfamily back in my hometown 😀 😀

Ya know the whole Vals Day thing where all the florists in town will be sold out of their best flowers n swanky restaurants with romantic atmosphere gets crowded like sardines in a can? Huge life-sized teddies will be seen everywhere and suddenly your man gets all sappy like never before.

Have u actually tried something new this Valentines? Prince Hotel & Residences had their version of Vals Day and I must say, I found it to be a very ingenious idea indeed! Their Valentines menu this time round, originated from the New Orleans. Head Chef DJ Pezar carefully planned and crafted out the recipes, and with his team, they managed to execute a really interesting menu and a themed concept!

But the star attraction wasnt only the fabulous menu, it was their whole Mardi Gras themed Valentines too! It certainly spiced up the evening of love, instead of just a boring sit-down dinner. How ingenious 🙂 The couples could have fun fooling around with the masks like we did too!


The tables and chairs were all well decorated with colorful beads, masks ala masquerades, cocktail feathers and all things Mardi Gras. Love the music being played too! They certainly know how to set the mood very very well, no?

TOP : Happy masquerade face!

BOTTOM : Sad masquerade face!

Eccucino in Prince Hotel & Residence never fails to keep me intrigued with their ice sculptures 🙂



Just fer extra info, the New Orleans cuisine is a style of cooking originating in the State of Louisiana (centered on New Orleans), U.S.A. which is a melting pot cuisine that blends French, Spanish, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Southern American, American Indian, and African influences. New Orleans cuisine can be divided into two types: Creole and Cajun. What is the difference between Creole and Cajun cooking? The easiest way is to think of them as city and country cooking.

Some of the signature dishes of New Orleans were featured at Eccucino and they were Seafood Jambalaya, Shrimp Creole, Baked Oysters, Seafood Bar,Bread Pudding, Boiled Crawfish, Pumpkin Soup, Gumbo, a Carving Station with Blackened Roast Beef, Action stalls, Icebars, an amazing host of desserts… and so much more I wouldn't be able to finish telling you in one blogpost! :D

Hmm… now what is everyone looking at? 😀

CHECK OUT THE GUMBO! Fresh, tasty and bursting with flavour is this sinful bowl of hot stew. Gumbo gumbo gumbo! It's a really thick soup also originating from Louisana and very popular in the US South. When I took a sip, the meaty aftertaste really lingers and leaves you wanting your 2nd spoonful!

Picture credits to bigboysoven



I especially liked the Seafood Jambalaya. Nice name too, huh? 🙂

Take a look.

That huge bowl contains so much yum! Looks like normal rice but hell it's NOT .
below is a close up version of it



Picture credits to bigboysoven


Just look at the huge and shrimps below! Pictures never do things justice but take my word for it 🙂

Picture Credits to bigboysoven 🙂


The Poached Sole Paupletted on Spicy Lemon Sage was so good that it was one of the quickest to be finished!

But fear not, the staff of Eccucino restocked the dishes soon enough 🙂

And while you're at it, perhaps you could bring a bottle of your fave booze 😀

Eccucino wasn't the only restaurant having great Valentines Menu. Enju Japanese Restaurant located on their 1st floor was also in heat of their love celebrations. Their dinner set menu of Seared Scallops, Bonito Sakae Soup, Beef Teppanyaki and more will leave every couple walking out with well satisfied appetites!

Creative Japanese origami were placed on the tables for decor as well.

I found a pair of swans on my table!


The Ahi Tuna Duo was a big hit. I bet you're wondering what that is. It's a combination of nori-crusted ahi with spicy tobiko aioli and freshly prepared ahi poke. Still can't imagine what they are? Well… if it helps, Ahi in the Hawaiian language means 'fire' whereas aioli means a mixture of garlic and oils.

There was a live demonstration of the Chef himself preparing it too!


Just like all fine dining would offer you, the portion was really small. Bite sized yo! Seriously, it's an effective way to train you up, gearing your appetite for more awesome bites throughout then night! Like they all say, good things comes in small portions 🙂 🙂


oh wait. In this case, it's just – NOM. 😀 and you're done!


I just love such novel celebrations. Especially themed ones! It's so fun to doll up and look the part, all the the spirit of the occasion! And I'm glad this Valentines extravaganza did a good job at hyping the spirit of Vals Day… even if it clashes with Chinese New Year, there's nothing stopping a good event 😀


One thing's fer sure, I definitely enjoyed the whole Mardi Gras Masquerade thing going on

and the food? Perfect as always. What dya expect? It's Prince Hotel & Residences after all 🙂



How was yer Valentines? 😀