Heyyyy loves! 😀 So glad to be back! Been away for the Chinese New Year holidays back in my granny's house for the reunion and going a-visiting friend's houses for mini gambling sessions and whatnot. That definitely explains my absence, no?

Well.. unfortunately this year round, Chinese New Year falls on the same day as Valentines Day. Hence most (filial) peeps would choose their families over their romance. Likewise for me. But in my next post, imma share with you a great place to celebrate your belated Valentines Day – in style! And yes, my CNY celebrations too! But first, lemme introduce you to 3 members of my family which I reckon you haven't met.


And no, no one recently gave birth.



Thing is, I've been tweeting about the 3 of them throughout the CNY holidays and some of my Tweeples have been asking me to do a blog post about them.


"@benjicajess My doggie think she's in Lion King sumtimes!"





Say hello to Penny, the silky terrier 🙂


She's adorable much, but highly mischievous and loves being in the center of attention. Of course, being as affectionate as she is, almost everyone in the family showers her with love. All except popoh (my granny) who yells at poor Penny every second she could 🙁 But I can assure you, that all the love Penny gets from the rest of us overrides the reprimands she receives


Don't you want to hug this adorable dollie? 😀



I love it when she does this. Whenever something grabs her attention, she would instantaneously perk up and rest her two front paws on top of anyone's lap. In this case, it was my godmom's 🙂 We were celebrating Popoh's birthday, and there were lotsa cake on the table! Penny sure knows when there's food around doesn't she? Hee 🙂




Next up, will be E.T. Yup, you read right. It's E.T – short for Extra Terrestrial. Ya know that alien that rode over the moon right? Yup. That's the one. I reckon we named this lil one as such because his facial features highly resembles those of E.T the Alien's 🙂 Buggy eyed yet adorable all the same!


He has blue eyes too I'm sure you can tell 😉


He may be small, but he sure packs a punch! E.T is this tiny lil ferocious dog who is capable of tearing your toenails off if you look threateningly within reach of his food. The way he snarls and yipes each time anyone goes near his food bowl can definitely tell that our lil E.T is indeed very territorial 



ET aims to be a ballerina too *points at bottom left picture*

Okay I was just kidding!



Lastly would be of course our most loyal and endearing dog of all time. He is our saviour in many (near) unfortunate incidents and always smells danger ahead of us. Although a really really huge dog, Rocky is lovable and definitely a very loyal companion indeed. We've had this jet black Rottweiler since he was a tiny puppy! 


Raised by Kungkung (grandpa), Rocky definitely knew what was going on when he passed away last December

He hardly ate at one point, prolly missing Kungkung as much as we did


So there ya have it! All three of them. Which is your favorite? 😀

Penny is my godmom's fave, ET is my Uncle Mike's fave and Rocky is KungKung/Uncle Philip/Uncle Kok Leong's fave. I'm technically a dog lover but ain't really a HARDCORE fan, cats are my #1 choice. But if I were to choose, my pick is definitely……



She was given to us by a good friend Winn.


And can you believe she was "molested" by my Uncle and cousin? Apparently, Penny seemed to enjoy it. She was on heat wtf! Hmmm.. but then again, I thought she had already been spayed!