Who in the name of your dirty underpants decided to conduct my Semester Final Exam on the day of the SPM result release????


    Oh wow. Like I don’t already have enough to worry about. Tossing and turning on my bed the night before, I could’ve sworn I wanted to stuff my bedroom slippers down my 3 audio surround sounds all around me. Ooops. My godmother, uncle and grandmother, to be exact. They were snorring ever so loudly that i couldn’t sleep a wink! Now that’s what I call an ancient surround sound, where the volume is just beyond adjusting. But wait a sec-

In the ancient times, surround sounds weren’t even invented. *lol*

    After taking my exams which was like a piece of cake, NOT, I sped all the way to Hubby’s house and pestered him to speed all the way to my school. Like, hello?? I was more than anxious to find out!

Whoa. I don’t know wether to be sad or happy. 

Reason for being happy: 10 straight A’s including 1119
Reason for being sad    : What the heck is the fuggin A2 doing amongst all the A1’s? For Bahasa Melayu, dang!

    Actually, I should’ve known. My BM has never been extraordinarily good. Heck, at least I didn’t get a B3. I just have to express my appreciation to God the Almighty for not materializing my ‘nightmare’ which was about getting a B3 for Biology. 

Now, that darn sweat and toil for 2years better be worth it. No scholarship, and it’s the end for me
-Just kidding- 

    I ain’t so demotivated. But hey, it was an uphill task… to those of you out there taking your SPM this year, it’s no success without hard work. And I can live for that motto. It’s been proven inside out.

Right now, it’s celebration time in T.G.I Friday’s for lunch and Victoria Station for dinner!


yumm…. an effort worth putting. And now, the best part is cash rewards!!! Woo hoo!!