Excited. Thrilled.  Woohooooh~ 

 Those were the words running back and forth side to side in my head as I awoke. Yupyup, Rachel (my boyfriend’s sister; now my lil godsis) joined me for that superb show-stopping event. It was fab. Phat Fabes and Ben were there frm the BBBS (for those of you not in the know, it stands for BigBangBreakfastShow)


and Steve, Shel as well as Fabian were there. 

Weird stuff had to be done in order to receive flybies (Fly.fm’s version of freebies) such as car stickers and whatnot. Thank Heavens all around the world that I only had to pole-dance against a live pole (Fabian) and not to do any faux pas to socially embarrass myself in public. A guy who was between the devil and the deep sea chose to jump and wave his arms wildly while simultaneously yelling,” I love Fly.Fm!! I love Starbucks

Everyone from the end of Gurney Walk all to the way to where the roadshow was were doubled up with laughter and not to mention aghast stares. Finally, the poor dude got his flybie. Three cheers for him!


We snapped lotsa piccies and had lotsa autographs. Hmm.. I wonder if I see myself doing well in Fly.Fm one fine day? Sure sounds interesting. *thinks* Whatev-
It’s a longlong way to go just yet


The best part was whichever group who stayed the longest throughout the roadshow tour and had the biggest amount of people will walk away with 1000 friggin’ bucks. Not EACH of course, dreamboat.
The whole group. And guess what? WE WON! So, i’m kinda like getting rather impatient to collect my fair share of the One Grand from Andy. Hmm, perhaps they’ll only issue it out after finishing their last stop at Johor Baru City Center. *nyehehe* 

Have money, will shop! Have money, will shop! Have money, will shop! Have money, will shop! Have money, will shop!

Fly.Fm rocks your grandmother’s socks, seriously. They’re faaaaar more professional than Hitz.Fm and definately less irritating. Also, they have what they call “Mash for Cash’  where they mash 5songs together and it’s up to us, listeners to identify them correctly. And the ever popular “EndBit’ that has snowballed to 10100 bucks because of everybody failing to recognise it. Well, that’s a whole lot of cash for just identifying the end of a song. 

And we get to have free Caramel Macchiato courtesy of Starbucks by just mentioning the password to the barristas. Time well spent and had a ball of a a time. The thing is, I’m glad I’m exposing Rachel to such happening events;she’s a tween turning teen and it sucks not  to get involved in such cool stuff. Well, at least it’s a great experience for her. I knew she was more than ecstatic by the looks of it.

Right now, I’d better crack my head identifying the ‘Mash for Cash’.