Ahaks. Seems so surreal, no? 
Actually, I did. Genting Highlands. Hey, it DOES count as a hill; actually, a mountain.

My 3days 2nites holiday with my boyfriend in Genting was just awesome. The 6hour-long journey from Penang all the way up there was indeed tiresome but I had a good nap on his warm shoulder and his loving hand holding mine especially when it gets cold. *brrr* cold weathers ain’t that bad hmm? =)


Being a so-called rollercoaster devil, I was actually ‘dragged’ by Hubby to ride that mad death-defying thing. Seriously, I almost chickened out but ya know as they say, ‘not knowing once, is not knowing a lifetime’. So yeah, which pretty much means- if I don’t try, I will never know. I screamed, yelled, shouted, hollered and emitted all the ear-piercing sounds which may damage the average human hearing senses throughout the whole exhilarating ride. It was fab! A surge of an adreanalin rush  but still that keeps ya going! (I refuse to mention the details, for that would make me sound nerdy)
I kept wanting to get on those rides again.. it’s an addiction; like druggers high on marijuana. Rides like Corkscrew, Cyclone, Flying Coaster and whatnot. Oh yes, we didnt get to ride the DuduFlume (an inside joke) and the Rolling Thunder MIne Train for just one LAST time before a Godforsaken giant brown beatle stung me and left it’s rather annoying barb inside of me. We actually had to spend the next few hours trying to remove it. Almost felt like an I.V… ouch. Someone call a doctor! Pirate Ship and that stupid-yet-fun flying chair thingy got me really dizzy- as in, mixed my upside down and sideways dizzy. Had Baskin Robbins together too in the chilly weather. Pretty unusual? ha-ha

 Half of the day was spent lazing around in the hotel room as Hubby was far too lazy to go to the Indoor Themepark and disapproved of me not getting my rest due to that friggin beatle. Anyways, cold weathers are best spent indoors under the warm sheets cuddling up and falling asleep together aren’t they? Thank Heavens we set our alarm clock just in time to catch our Midnight movie- The Bridge to Terabithia.

Verdict? Review?
Lame-ass-head-stuck-up-in-the-clouds-sprouting-wings-and-flying-about-in-the-sky-stupid-childish-fantasy show but hey, above it all, it was jam-packed with touching moments and good values. Very thought-provoking indeed.

Our next day’s Midnight movie was seriously lame: Primeval. The one with the Crocodile thingythingy? Send the producer to remedial classes at once! It’s L-A-M-E. That comment wasn’t made by me and me alone only, it was also agreed with by Cedric and some others. Honestly, I fell asleep 3-quarter of the time because the OSIM Massager seats were too comfy and relaxing to just be sat on. *wide grin* So i caught some forty winks there too.But that doesn’t mean I’m unaware of the movie happenings… why, I slept through (almost) the entire movie of Eragon too but I knew that movie was fantastic. Ya know? Almost like I have open eyes tattooed on my closed eyelids.

Did some shopping and bumped into a few of my classmates there. Ha-ha. Such a small world we live in, no? Where everybody you meet is somehow associated to you, if you have the right networking, of course. Our other evenings were spent fooling and playing around taking silly pictures of us either flying, or with toothpaste smeared all over our mouths. Laughing ourselves silly. Boy,  I enjoyed my trip with ya darlin. What say you? mwahxxmuahxx

Watch out! 
Rollercoaster Daredevil Part 2 coming soon! Hmm.. on our third yeah, Hunn?

Yee hawww!