Whoa. Time really passes fast, doesn't it? Zouk has already been standing for 6 years – and still going strong!


Being a very seasoned clubber, I'd expect every party night to be the same ol' same ol'. But the moment I clubbed in Zouk on my first time, I never turned back to other clubs for a guaranteed night of mayhem! 😀 The blend of music, the discoteque laser beams and lights, the high-profile DJs, the party people and of course, their astounding 5 divisions altogether – Aristo, Barsonic, Phuture, Velvet Underground and the Mainroom


and on their 6th birthday, it was a blast from Alice in Wonderland




I brought a date along with the VIP invitation I received, it was none other than the Boyfie! 😀 Sure, you don't see him very often in this blog because we live 400 Kilometres apart but today you will! So bear with our series huge-ass photos incoming! Don't say I didn't warn ya! 😛


Dressed with a hat – to follow the flow of the Mad Hatter's theme!


There were lotsa peeps in really fancy & mad hats, but there were some with none. So I guess, we come in between? Hehe. Yes, I don't have insane headgears stored in my wardrobe waiting for me to wear them to Mad Hatter-themed parties!




We got there pretty early, but the crowd was already beginning to form. Thank goodness we didn't arrive at midnight! Or else we would be devoid of parking spaces and will have to brace throngs of party people. Because practically everyone was there at Zouk! That's the only one place everyone would wanna bust that night away!



Everyone's lookin' so fine tonight 😀





Spotted the Red Queen there too! I hope she doesn't go yelling, "OFF WITH HER HEEAAAADDDDD!!!" after taking a picture with them 😀 Well.. let's just see if she does!


As expected, she did! 🙁 🙁 *runs away*



Oh and bangles I'm wearing for this occasian are from accessories extraordinaire – Soak Republic! Check them out, they have accessories and bags for every occasion! 😀 The ones I wore today is shiny gold & black bangle with Egyptian motives and another one is a brass circular bangle in gold!

Pretty funky, no? 🙂 Gotta love 'em!



After chilling and grooving in Velvet for quite a bit, Boyfie and I danced the night away in Phuture with some of the rest. Had good fun! 😀 Oh and, I met a reader too… nice of her to come up and say Hi! I know you're reading this as we speak, I'd like to say it was nice meeting you babe! Stumbled into Sharon too while dancing 😀

Bumped into a few ex-colleagues, old friends, former club-kakis and a whole lot of other people. I guess it's safe to say that THIS is where the party's at tonight! 😀 So… where ma party at? 😀 😀


Bustin' it at the dance floor



Me in a pink teacup! Hee. 😀 😀 I had short bursts of childhood thrill playing in the garden filled with huge toadstool mushrooms, vibrant flowers, top hats and cars! The decor and set-up was really likened to the movie – Alice in Wonderland. Well, that's practically the whole point of this themeparty! So it better be good 😀


Happy 6th Birthday once again Zouk!

xoxo, Jess