At this very moment of time, the Blue house and Green house girls are having sports practice in the hot sun.. I guess? Im not the weatherman! and me? sitting snugly in my comfort zone writing my online journal. ahhhhhhh…. ok enough with the “ahhs”
Oh well, I’ve been into a rather complicated dilemma lately which involves anything from schedule and time constraint. I wouldn’t want to bore anyone their hair out as this whole rigmarole is indeed stressing to the point of no return. *sigh* Well, just a gist perhaps.. Jam-packed on Mondays, Busy on Tuesdays, Not free on Wednesdays, Caught up on Thursdays, Rushed on Fridays, Finally breathing on Saturdays and On the go on Sundays. Now that’s a whole week right? Drats… somehow I wish that a day would have 30hours or more. There’s absolutely no time for anything! Tuitions, extra classes, sports practices, extra kk activities, training… how dreadful.
But hey, I always manage to slot blogging in. Always! *winks*
That ass-kicking, soul-rocking teacher *drumroll* Ms. Leong came in for English class today. Hmm.. Great Expectations eh? She did this random pick for questioning and one of the victims was none other than yours truly herself. =( million dollar question!!!!! What do you want to be when you grow up and why? oh. I thought I answered that back in kindy. Nevermind.. I realised that my current preference differed a lot since pre-school. At age 5, I vaguely remember myself saying that I aspired to be a vetenarian and wanted to study actural science.<—– you think I even know what these oddly bombastic words mean at age 5? Probably not.. Marvelous how I could come up with such stuff and nonsense at a tender age. But now, I’m quite assured that I want to major in Mass Communications and minor in Multimedia Art & Design. Mind’s made up.
During our pathetically short break of 20minutes, we had our Ranger’s EXCO meeting in the staffroom. Being truly Malaysians,we exceeded the time by 40minutes! Too bad we were too psyched about our 2006 Gathering comming upforth in April. YEah, well said.. TOO BAD for us we made our Biology teacher fuming at the ears, put Ee Wei in a frenzy, panicked Pn. Cheah and Pn. Latha and ALMOST ended up with a demerit point. Damn.
Right now, my fringe’s all pinned up. I look like a moronic pshycoklutz! Yeah and well, I look BALD. Maybe I should do that tomorrow in school? Why? Because I’ve been getting threats of demerits from teachers and prefects as my fringe is way covering my eye. Mom says I’m training to see with only one eye. Hell no I’m no cyclops!
Before I forget, I did remember rolling my eyes to the extent that it couldn’t roll back to the same direction. Kiddin’. Well, there is some truth in the first part of the sentence though. I was bewildered that Pn. Cheah (being 5arif’s Add Maths teacher) wasn’t able to solve a simple ‘Janjang’ question. Basically, she took a whole period of 40minutes, used the whole blackboard and wasted everybody’s time just to do that sum. And guess what? She took the very long and winding method to get the answer. Everybody was just so surprised. Yeah, It did seem like a shocker to me too… I did not know that she wasn’t really a good teacher as I always had a high regard of her.
Hmm… now that leaves me something to ponder about.