I am broke. Thoroughly dry.. even my piggy bank echoes!
Yeah.. that’s what you get for being such a spendrift like me. Just had the will to go out and shop shop shop this season.. uh-huh. Spent them all on ma school bags, sling bags, CNY tops and bottoms and yeah.. that’s enough to run me dry. Mom was in awe of my passion for brands. Well, a characteristic that I hate to possess and hate to admit. My conscience is pounding hard… ouch. Stop it~! It’s not that I didn’t try to get rid of it, did i>? I know someday somehow in the distant future I would look hard at me in my past and be filled with remorse… the cash that I worthlessly spent are the missing jig-saws of my suposedly picture-perfect path ahead… well, the more missing bits I’ve lost, the more possibilities I have to own a bleak and grotesque journey. *sigh*
Ah well, like they ALL say… if you worry too much, you’ll be senile even quicker. So.. worry less and spend more? =)
Pretty days are packed and pressed so pass the peak before you perish! Tongue twisting the thoughts of packed and pressed days, I’ve had mine since Friday. The moment I got home, my doorbell rang- my Driving Instructor. *groans* He urged me to read and finish the 500questions on the Road Law in a week. Yeah I know that sounds plain simple. But what about my unearthly schedules? Whatever. I made him leave after paying my 3-figure fee. Slumping on the gravitationally disfigured couch, I soon nodded off after 3hours of Road Law studies. When I woke up, it was oddly dim and quiet. No wonder. It was a quarter to midnight. Guess what? My 8hour Road Law course is up in 7hours. Horrid wasn’t it?
Yawning and dozing off was the main action of the day.. no one could stand the 8hour course without some shut-eye. Even I, unfortunately could not escape snoozing right under the nose of the speaker in that agonizing time-consuming, nerve wrecking, hot and sticky, pen clicking, 8hour course.Most of the time, everyone remained silent as they were already in dreamland within 15minutes of the course. The worst part>? Having to walk a termite-infested chewed off plank over a murky manhole underneath. I guess the plank was supposed to be a bridge. But plank or not, I just HAD to get to the Ladies’. Thankfully, the toilets were hygienically up to standard unlike the deplorable state of the walkway. Time must have warped by as I sub-consciously stood up when everybody did. To my surprise, IT WAS OVER!!!!!!!!! wow… while waiting in that humid porch, little while Kancils driven by inexperienced raw Learners. The dividers were knocked down countlessly and people falling off their bikes was quite comical indeed. Yepyepyep… that was how it went.
Sunday sunday was a day of mayhem. People were overcrowding Gurney Plaza till I felt that it had to puke some people into the nearby sea. Owh the pain of salt eroding their skin… oooooh! *sizzle*
The large number of old folks leading this butt-to-butt crowd had me encumbered upon entering. Don’t how how I miraculously made my way up the escalator soon after. After 6hours of continuous shopping, we finally sat down for some classic A&W’s waffle. I finally found my CNY clothings… after a 6hour nomadic hunt.
On my bed and off to sleep.. but first, is trying on my new goodies! And removing the brand labels for my treasure trove;the collection of brand tags. uggh.. here I go again. Scratch that. What rang was not my conscience this time, but my cellphone. It seems that we, CGL rangers had a Ranger’s Choral Speaking next February. What are we to do with such activities piling up? Gatherings, Valentines Day sales, Mufti designing competition, and now, THIS? Who in the name of your dead mouse is responsible for this nonsense? No siree… I ain’t activating myself this year. Im disallowed… by who else but my mom. She made me promise her after last year’s camp. Now what……………………………..
We finally came up with some progress of our Gathering. But that’s our secret! (I think) Might not even be secret after all… so let’s just say, a secret worth of public’s attention. Lol.
Im out. Road Law questions now… I’m only halfway! =(