I had my 1st Form 5 Math lesson today.. barely 9hours ago. It kicked off well.. I even felt the pinch of bore. Yeah well, I thought it would be a piece of mudcake but HELL I was wrong.


At a tender age of 5, I was taught that 1 + 1= 2. Nothing out of the ordinary.. then in Standard 5, I was taught by a stupid person that 1 + 1= 11. Still nothing too absurd..  He’s probably being a monkeys’ uncle. But, when I was in Form 5 (well, i AM in Form 5) I learnt something new that I refuse to compute and register.

What I learnt was solely against my Mathematical principles.What I leant today was  1 + 1= 10. I will not fully comprehend the mass digits written in chalk before me. Why>? It is abolutely beyond my human capabilities to derive the answer from a simple form of figures and sums like ‘Asas Nombor’ Can we switch to Add Math please? At least, I won’t be disfigured. How is it absurdly possible for a human with an average scale of the brain, to be able to denote the hidden meaning of this 1 + 1 phenomenon? The possiblities of the answer to a simple question such as 1 + 1 may vary between 2, 11 and now, 10??!!?? Now, this pointlessly ridiculous form of education is rapidly mutating into a benign growth in the brains of partially vulnerable delinquents; also known as the student body.

This psychedelic theory that the ignorant education ministry is somewhat allowing, is forcasted (by me) to simply diminish highly-sensitive brain cells and indirectly carry mass destruction to the human system. For no good reason at all, the household-common species of the homosapien will be extinct even before you conceive and experience rapid production of your offsprings. Save your children!

Actually, YOUR brain cells will stop functioning if you continue to read this paragraph of nonsensical sentences. Still reading? Im not going to warn you anymore if you insist on continuing with this. Oh? Still here? Get lost! Scoot!