Wise men from all walks of life one said,” Blood is thicker than water”. I find that extremely true; not just literally, but metaphorically as well. Born into a close-knit family, I was raised and nurtured by my grandparents until the age of four. Everything would be nothing without something called family and friends.

These are the people who makes, or at least made, an impact on my life. Because of you, I’m blessed. For anybody that was not featured here, a BIG appreciation to you as well; you know who you are. Thanks a million… this post is a tribute to ya’ll.

On the top of the list, is well, obviously, God. My Lord and saviour. My friend yet my guiding light.

My loving momma then comes along with my ‘fairy’ godmother. The awesome women in my life.. pillar of strength and oh wow. Everything!

Sizzling uber cool Uncle Mike! Laughter wouldn’t be laughter without you. You spoiled me like no other man can, with you I feel part of royalty.


 -oh, and yes-
My mother’s husband. Thank You for the venom. I’m mentally stronger than you think I am. Enough said.


Grandma=porpor. You looked after me at a tender age; taught me my Mandarin. (but too bad I can’t remember much) Taught me how to behave and the hard and fast rules of life.
Grandpa=kungkung. My sand castle fantasy was brought to life with your effort of bringing the sand from the nearby construction site. We played so much ‘house’ and mopped the floor together- indelible.

My favorite couzzies, Shaun & Meng ahhh… my childhood was spent  with such fun playtimes with ya’ll.
 Three musketeers forever!



You mean the world to me, hubby Benjamin Tan taught me how to love and to be loved in returned.  Made me feel like a beautiful woman inside out. Love you always.

 My 15 years with you was a bliss.
my so-called mother, don’t you dare return to Indonesia!!!!

Rachel my sis-in-law… hehe not so perasan lar. My lil godsis thats brimming with attitude now. So glad she’s interested to go to my former school which I miss so much! Love being like an older sister to her… which I never had all my life.

Uncle Phillip & Auntie Karen-
Such close family friends till I often forget how we were all related in the first place! Looking forward to your every visit.. hugs.

                    My CGL mates who made my 11 years of school fabulous

and never can I forget Janice a.k.a Jano. My former tuition mate, classmate, bus mate, squash mate, whatever mate and even lives in my neighbourhood!

My dear classmates who made my college life worth livin’. Together we stand!  Love ya’ll.

Ladies first—-


NadiaMy 1st classmate I befriended. The calm & composed one, much as opposed to me. Level-headed too.. unlike me. Bubbly and fun to be with too!
My 2nd mate I befriended. Sweet & cute, thanks for being a great listener.
A good friend to ‘buat lawak’ with. Our ‘lemma’s’ seriously ada oomph!
A fantastic shopping partner. It’s funny how we crossed paths again huh, old pal? Now, braceface! =)
Used to be known as Nadia’s friend. Now, she’s ours as well! An excellent public speaker… you’l be wowed.

Move over, here’s the dudes!———-


CedricOh my goodness. Is that enough? Nahh. A blatantly frank person with an excellent sense of humour. Oh, and yes, stop dreaming about being Wang Lee Hom. (in the picture, he’s pretending to be gay)

 IvanAlways ‘lost’ in conversations. Pay attention and you’ll be fine. Nice person to bully though and thanks for making my dull classroom moments interesting. (he’s wearing a KDU tee in the pic above)

AlvinA new addition to the our bunch of wacko’s. Known as ‘Badak’ which means rhinoceros in Bahasa Melayu. Loves conversing in Cantonese with me and quite gentleman, I must say. haha. Thanks for carrying my bag of rocks that was hurting my shoulder! *lol*

MelvinA silent killer. Quiet at times, but packs a punch! Love hanging out with him. Lot’s to say deep down inside.. umm, but maybe not now…he’s on snooze mode at the moment!

 All in all, thanks for being my part of my world!