Nothing beats how sucky I feel today. Had a terrible sore throat two days ago, was hit by the influenza bug last night and woke up with a fever and a heavy head. Imagine that. I have actually contemplated taking a French leave today *lol* but sadly, reality struck that I had a test today- Computing & I.T. Not exactly a test though; more of a pop quiz that contributes 20% for our exams.

Anyhow, I’m still glad I didn’t skip college today. Reason being?
We had an assignment today that has something to do with phamplet/flyer designing. Creativity is also my passion and I had so much funcreating mine. ( minus the part that the flu was actually dripping down my nose-EWW!

Lynn said I looked awful and should go to the doctor. Honestly, I didn’t know my temperature had risen, until Alvin told me. He felt my forehead and told me that it was reallyreally warm. I went,” oh nnnno”. Even Ragu knew that I was unwell, someway, somehow. Mis Felicia made it  an imperative that I ought to go to a clinic soon, as she doesn’t want me to miss our Leadership Camp this week. So sweet of you. *hugx* Hubby gave me a warm hug before he dropped me off to college. That sillydoofus Ivan kept asking me why I sounded funny when I talk. Ugh. Isn’t the answer like, written all over my face? *lol* and the even sillier dimwit Cedric teased me non-stop and even hell mimicked me. Darn you. =) I can tease you too about your toothless grin now, huh?


*muahhaaahahha* Even so, I love them all to bits for the care, laughter & concern.

The most agonizing part is, I can hardly taste the lunch that Hubby made for me! On the contrary, I THANK GOD that I couldn’t taste the Organic Salt Drink  that was suposedly to taste like a mixture of rotten egg infused with coagulated yoghurt mashed with expired mayonnaise. *phew* Check it out:


Right now, all I want to do is to experience a speedy recovery. Like, A.S.A.P!!!

I need it