A very blessed Easter to all the egg-and-bunny people out there.


I could hardly drag myself out of bed on Easter morning; as I retired at 3.10am the night before. *lol* Don’t ask me why. But when I remembered that my fellow youths were presenting a life-sync play, I scuttled off to get ready!

The sad thing is, I wasn’t around enough to be able to be part of the presentation (Sorry!) as my schedule couldn’t incorporate rehearsals or practices. Fine. Truth be told, even if I could, I’d be wayyyy too lazyyyyyyyyyy. =)


They presented a fantastic play even with minimal costumes. The main idea of the sketch was certainly the ultimatum, and many hearts were touched. Yepyep, I spotted a certain number of our righteous audience shedding some tears. Heres the gist-


Jesus was tortured and mocked by the soldiers and was forced to bear the cross. Psst, he got whipped as well. =0


Jesus was then nailed and hung on the cross to be left to die while Mother Mary and Peter looks on helplessly.

The evil priest verbally taunts Jesus and challenges God.


A sweet duet by both blood siblings… aww                                              Angels danced to the music

Jesus died on the cross for our sins,
disappeared from His tomb and was resurrected!! Amen!


Had so much fun there as we were cracking silly jokes and laughed so much as usual. At the end of the day, our fellowship has certainly increased and our bond strengthened. They always put smiles on my face…

  Me with retard 1, retard 2 & retard 3>>


here’s to you my brothers and sisters in Christ. May our Lord bless our lives and guide us down the path He prepared for us.


Agape~ Love yall