Today I'm going to be revealing what exactly THE POWER OF 3 is.

Once I'm done, you don't need to feel like a rocket scientist to understand what these powerful potions are!


Sugar, spice and everything nice?

Nope! That's the PowerPuff Girls!

The Power of Three will set you free? Witch sisters Rose, Phoebe & Piper?


Nope! That's popular American TV series, Charmed!


So what exactly is the Power of 3? It has something to do with your face.

In fact, these 3 special ingredients act as bold, wise and brave soldiers working together in a unique triple action formulation to treat acne and vanquish them forever! 



Remember both my previous blog posts about discovering the truth behind acne and revealing my ugly acne-ridden past? Today's blog post is a sequel to these three.

It is no complicated strategy to solve a problem. 

Identify the root causes & tackle them from the bottom.

Apply the same methods to solving your acne problems!


By now, you should already know the main causes of acne:

1. Bacterial colonization

2. Inflammation of the affected area

3. Excess sebum

4. Thickening of the skin that blocks your pores


With the Power of 3, this is how acne problems are being solved right at the root of it all!


Allow me to introduce the warriors of the Power of 3 to you!

First up, it's the EU patented ABA Technology 

This is what happens without (left) and with (right) the ABA technology


The EU patented ABA Technology inhibits the acne bacteria (scientific name: Propionibacterium acnes aka P.acnes) avoiding it from attaching to the cells on the outer layer of the skin.

It also helps block the proliferation of this P. acnes bacteria!


The second fighter is called Nicotinamide 


Pink bar shows the percentage of reduction of acne using Papulex

(the grey bar is without Papulex) after two different periods of time


Nicotinamide has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce skin inflammation .

No more redness & swelling! It's natural molecules are derived from Vitamin B3 too 



Our final combatant of The Power of 3 is Zinc PCA 



Pink bar show the production of skin sebum (oil) with Papulex & the grey bar is without Papulex


Zinc PCA is effective in reducing oil and excess sebum & significantly decreases it


After some research, I discovered that Papulex contains ALL THREE of these ingredients!

So there you have it! The answer to all pimple/acne problems. 


For those of you who are have pimples or acne or even know of anyone with a bad pimples/acne phase, it's time to help put an end to their misery. Introduce the Power of 3 to them, okay? :D



This weekend, I'll be off to Philea Resort & Spa in Malacca for a retreat to mother nature! 

I'll be finding out more about this acne-busting star products by Papulex Asia during the tranquil escape to the lush forests, waterfalls, fresh air and more. Toodles!