Gd'day loves!

I've some good-happy-joyjoy news to share! 😀



Might be considered a tad late to break the news to you peeps since it was already up last week but….



I'm really thrilled to announce yet another media affair, that I'm now one of the 4 blog-columnists on the Malaysian Mirror! Yup that's right, I will be blogging regularly for Malaysian Mirror from now onwards as a Nuffnang Bloghead. So be sure to check out my published articles on that lifestyle portal, as it is the pulse of the nation! 😀





My first article published there was about F1 from a girl's point of view, if you didn't already know 🙂 🙂

Do take a read – HERE & show some love if you please! 





and to all my readers, sincere thank you's for always supporting this blog 😀

Without you guys, I wouldn't be where I am! *biglove*