All photos & HD videos are brought to you by my Shutter Sidekick the PEN!



Woot woot! How time flies… it's already the 3rd week into this body wellness program!

Been receiving emails asking me already, about where is My Body Secrets located exactly. Hmmm…looks like The Strand, Kota Damansara is kinda vague and general ey? So okay… when you peeps actually GET TO The Strand and turn in, this is how it will look like and where you're supposed to turn.




I shot this while driving okay!!!! Better appreciate hahaahah 😀 😀

If not you'll see me die in a car accident in full High Defination  😛 LOLOLOL



Okay so helloooo! This is me again visiting the cosy outlet. Coincidentally, I was decked in purple. Those were the main colours of My Body Secrets! Wheeee 😀 Violet and indigo purple hues are such love



Although I only drop in twice a week, the therapists & consultants already warmed up to me really well and vice versa. We exchange light banters and share shopping stories occasionally with each visit. Love how they brigthen my every visit & make me feel like home


Mememe with Mary, Cheryl and Yuki


So as usual, they served me Rose Tea and led me to the changing rooms.

Cannot help it! Cannot! There were large full length mirrors everywhere… must camwhore first.

Simply must! 😀 😀



Okie tenkiu. 😛

Ohhhh by the way!! 🙂 Good news! I dropped 2KGs already.. and still counting! wheeeee!


I like those misshapen purple wooden stalks of branches that sticks outta the vase at the changing room.


Shot extremely clear and sharp with my Shutter Sidekick the Olympus PEN E-PL1! 😀


 Those decor in there may be simple, but it's enough to add to the purplish hues to the already violet-purple atmosphere!


Mary, my therapist wrappin' me up after oiling me down with Ginseng Oil. Popular belief has it that ginseng oils will help absorbtion rate go faster or something liddat. Okay, this is the final picture before I turn to look like a Cancer patient.



For privacy, the insides of the consultation rooms behind the curtains are extremely dim, if not dark. But thanks to the Olympus PEN E-PL1, I didn't end up with pitch-black or grainy photographs to show you!


Cancer patient + plastic cling wrap mummy


Okay fine IDK how Cancer patients really look like in general but I've always had the image of having their hair all wrapped up and tucked into beanies. But for my instance, plastic shower caps.


During the treatments to help break down my fattyyy fats! Off with your heads! ROARRRRRRRRR.



Piccie taken with flash. I love how the flash fires, not too harsh till it causes strong shadows or overwhitens your face ala The White Queen of Alice in Wonderland. The flash gives a really brighter yet soft Rembrandt effect when you trigger it.

And in less than an hour, you'll be all done!



Okay, time to gulp down my healthy lunch 😀

Tofu and homemade Omelette with Scallops. Cut the Carbs pump up the protein! Wooots




(free slimming session + consultation) AT MY BODY SECRETS!


Trust me, although friendly they're really professional and their method

of total body wellness really works! Enjoy your session just the way I did