What actually comes to your mind when you think of Venezuela?

Or better.. what do you know about Venezuela?



Check out ALL its pretty shoots this time round!



In all honestly, I personally don't know much about Venezuela prior to today. I only know where it is on the World Map and the closest I've ever been to witnessing anything remotely Venezuelan is the Miss Universe pageants where Miss Venezuela struts the catwalk.




Thanks to Prince Hotel & Residencies and the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, I was invited to attend their Venezuelan Gastronomic Festival launch a few days ago. It will be a one week affair of all things Venezuelan – music, dance, food, film, photography & commerce.


Here's what I was greeted to, the moment I walked in and signed my name on the guestbook…


At least i roughly know the iconic colours and culture-props Venezuela has before entering!

Plus, they gave us a really cool CD of Venezuelan music too. It's playing on my MP3 now as I write this 😀 


Celebrity Chef Tamara Rodriquez came all the way from Venezuela to indulge Malaysians with her unique recipies, specially prepared on the occasion of her country's Bicentennial anniversary of Independance! We will be tasting the most delicious and exotic Venezuelan dishes tonight made by the woman herself and Prince Hotel's team of chefs.


Wooots! Got a piccie with the brains behind the Venezuelan culinary masterpieces

 😀 Buenos tardes Tamara!



The other foodies and I began looking around with curiosity and interest at the vibrant set-up of this Venezuelan fest. It's totally likened to a good fusion of South American, Mexican and the Caribbeans.     Gave me a feeling of authentic Native American vibe the moment I explored further!   

Venezuela is so culturally diversified 😀 😀  



I love bright and colorful props!

There were Maracas and Rumba Shakers too. Those were their native musical instruments


Big huge masks and tropical parrots! Check out the parrot eyeing my mussels 🙁

Ohh, I totally loved that miniature wooden cottage on the top right!



adorable much? 😀


it's so homely. A lady sitting at her front porch with 2 geese around her.

The interior decor is really typical Venezuelan style! 😀



dummm dee dummmm the dessert table!

Bueno! Sweet tooths ahoy! 😀




I became a local Venezuelan performer for 2 minutes! 😀 😀 Had fun!

JENGJENGJENG I look the part don't I? don't i? hahahahahah



Some condiments which I saw.. all in coconut husks! 😀



When the event officiated, VIPs and representatives from the Venezuelan Embassy stepped forward to give a welcoming speech to all of us and shared what we will be expecting for the evening. It's nice to see what a good tie Malaysia has with Venezuela. Hmm.. more actitivites should be done like this to foster relationships between countries! 🙂




Soon after the speech, there was a very lively performance for us all. The Salsa dance yo! 😀




Fully shot in High Definition with the Olympus PEN E-PL1



It was time to relish the exotic Venezuelan food! 😀 Can't wait to have my first taste of real South American cuisine prepared by a real Venezuelan Chef! This is called the Asada Negro by the way




Chef DJ Pezar and Chef Tamara were going around making their visits to their guests at each table for a nice casual chat. It was pretty obvious that all the guests and VIPs loved the food 😀 No worries, you peeps done a awesome-pawsome job working your magic fingers at the stove 😀 The cooks at the Action Booths did a jolly good job too, I loved the Venezuelan styled soup he made for me!






This was the fella who made my soup.. perfect, just the way I liked it

There's a mixture of potato, quails egg, veggies and other ingredients




Wanna see more?


Absolutely loved the fish!

It's real tender and the flavour was really superb to my taste!


More of these!





Next up is the beef…

Perfectly done – not too well done yet not too rare


Succulent as you can see.. it's still reddish!

😀 😀 yums!



Next up, the poultry!

Nice and simple presentation no?



This chicken had a tangy flavour to its taste 😀



One of their signature drinks!

Can't wait to slurp it up later




Back at my table, I caught that notty lil parrot who was out to get my mussels! There were lots of parrot figurines with tiny melons all over the buffet table too. So cute! Makes it all the more lively.



Coronation Rings by : Soak Republic


Dear Parrot, don't steal my food okay?

You live in Venezuela, you have Venezuelan food everyday – I   don't ! : D



Time for some desserts! Sugar spice and everything nice! Take a look at those soft fluffy marshmellows 😀 *biggrin* Tastes even better with fondue from their Chocolate Fondue fountain!



Mini tarts were in abundance too!

Cute much?


Piccie shot with the Olympus PEN E-PL1 's 'Blur Background' function on iAuto Mode!

So pretty! No need to lug my heavy DSLR around for my food trips for the time being already



Today's Venezuelan experience was a fab one indeed as I managed to savour the authentic tastes and culture of Venezuela. It took my tummy and I all around Venezuela to experience it in just one day – spoke to a Venezuelan for the first time too! hehe Can't go to Venezuela? They've brought Venezuela to us instead!


Love the music they burned for us in the CD too 😀



Key & Lock bracelet + Buckled gold & black bangle by : Soak Republic



Gracias for the fabulous time guys!

I'll be touring USA mid next year, might drop by Venezuela if I have the chance 😀

 Te Quiero!