Oooooh hey! How has our National Holiday been for you?

The long weekend did me good. I managed to spend good quality time catching up with my closest friends, relax & unwind, partied it up, had pretty good (and sinful) food, ran my errands, did some blogwork and so much more.

Wah, tak sangka begitu banyak sangat kerja dapat dihabiskan dalam masa yang singkat aje, kan?


Woots check out my new dangling Aztec earrings!

 Like it? You can get them and many pretty accessories from my awesome sponsors The Wild Things.


A little bit more on these new babies:

Unwrapped! Received them in a mini packaging one day in the office.


Such love for all things Aztec.


Was gushing over them the moment it arrived!

My work blouse clearly didn’t match the earrings in question, but I took photos with it regardless.


All the more reason for me to look forward to my weekend so I could wear them out for real.

I was already planning my outfit’s colour schemes for the night – definitely splashes of black and gold!


Jessicat wears:

Sequined leopard-print top in black & gold (a gift from buddyErin!❤) |

Chained clutch in black by Tony Bianco Australia |

Liquid leggings in black by Topshop | Strapped wedges in Black & Gold by Vincci |

Accessories by The Wild Things


A closer look at these dangling Aztec earrings. One look and I was in love.

Can’t  wait for the next season of The Wild Thing’s new batch… it’s coming soon!

 This was an accidental shot LOL. You can see my bunny teeth haha.

I was trying to look and adjust my hair while walking and accidentally took this picture!

Anyway, Zouk Club KL is where the party’s at!

As mentioned in my previous episode of The Sunday Times, trance vocalist Richard Bedford made an appearance in Zouk’s mainroom and it was certainly packed with partygoers and madravers alike.


Richard Bedford took to the stage and began his show with

the very popular track by Above & Beyond, ‘Thing Called Love’.


But before I speak on that… first, partyshots of my partymates and I!


 Hisham, Jessicat & Pammy


Yu Jin & Jessicat


Pammy, Eshan, Jessicat & Kon


Monkey faces on the dancefloor.


Jessicat &  Samuel



Opening acts Samuel Dan & Fono on the decks!

Oh so this is what the DJ see when they play.

Tonight was my first time behind Zouk’s DJ console, thanks to several buddies who brought me in!


We had an amazing time raving along as he belted out live and direct versions of the song.

It felt so surreal listening to him sing right before my eyes as opposed to only hearing his vocals on Above & Beyond’s and Armin Van Buuren’s tracks, without so much as a face to the voice.


 Sorry for the bad quality of photos.

The iPhone has the tendency to produce nightshots as such.

There was definitely no form of auto-tune to his voice.


What we heard was what we got. And his vocals sounded exactly the same as the ones he pre-recorded on those tracks. It’s the real thing yo!

Only that this time, he was interacting with us and even threw in some extra bridges and choruses.


The crowd went ballistic when he sang ‘Sun and Moon’ as his final number for the night!

But of course! We’ve been waiting all night for this song!

Richard Bedford and I. Isn’t he cute?

He was making faces at almost everyone’s camera haha!


I bumped into Richard while he was making his way back behind the DJ console but I somehow didn’t feel like grabbing him for a photo. This was because he was ambushed by the crowd all wanting to take photos of him!

Poor guy. The stream of fans wouldn’t stop pausing his every step just to take pictures with him.

When he finally got to me, I felt sorry for him and didn’t want to be yet another person wanting to only take photos with him. So I shook his hand, told him how great seeing him on stage felt like, and said I hope to see him perform again some time soon.

He was pleasantly surprised. We had a small chat before I thanked him for his time and left.

I felt instantly good about myself. If I was him, I’d be refreshed that someone wanted to talk to him and pay him a compliment for a change. But right after that, I felt sad that I missed the opportunity to take  photo with him LOL.

 But thanks to bestiePam who grabbed me and encouraged me to go ahead, I did. LOLOL.


So that was my eventful weekend.

My not-so-eventful week was just nothing but workie, more workie and the daily grind at gym.


Bosu and I on Friday. Very disappointed at my gains from this picture.

Progress is going too slowly that sometimes I honestly feel like giving up. I’m sad. I want more.


Just one of those days.


The time I spend in the gym and my sweat that drenches my workout clothes is really taking a toll on me.

All the hours of insanity is not only beginning to wear me out but it’s beginning to take up a huge chunk of my time. I come home, after training myself + appointments for training others, way past midnight and by the time I actually settle down, I’m already too exhausted to do anything else anymore.

Probably explains the lack of blog posts and the abhorrent pending drafts. At times I feel I really need more time in life. I’m not a quitter but sometimes you only have this much tolerance. I really had enough.


So what else can I do but to train, train, and train?

To keep going harder, and heavier and heavier, I need my mojo back again.



I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t see it because I want more and more.

I could be too hard on myself. Maybe I’m addicted.


I train, as far as I want to believe, harder than anyone I know. But I’m hardly seeing the ripped gains I so long for.

Why is it taking forever? Am I really destined to fail? There was one evening where I got so emo till I didn’t even feel like hitting the gym anymore. It’s tiring. And drop-dead exhausting. And not to mention, painful too.

I used to not care about results because body sculpting/building and fitness above all, has always been my true passion. But after a while, keeping at it for so long, you’d obviously want to see results.

Admittedly, I do see results. But they’re far too slow in comparison to my efforts.

Tak nak main dah lah. Puas aku gigih berlatih tetapi tak lihat-lihat pun kemaraan yang diharapkan.

Sometimes, I ask myself, is this really worth it? Why do I even care?


And then I remember… that the impossible is really nothing. Thanks Adidas.

But it sure is taking a hell long time.


Training others who needed my personal training services did help a lot.

Imparting my knowledge and infinite drive to fitness, in turn, motivated me as well.

Having others come to me to seek advice & consultation, to ask me to check their form and create workout

plans for them, monitor their diet regime and so much more, got me more than willing to be of help.

It reminded me that this is my calling and of how much I loved fitness.


Just some of the equipment I set up for Friday’s circuit for a client.


Bet you didn’t know how sad I actually felt about this eh. Pretty sure you peeps always thought of me as this crazy girl who just trains and trains and shows off her body. To be honest, I don’t even have a body to show off yet. At least, to me. You call this ripped? Sad to say, this is far from what I want to show off.

When I get there, THEN I’ll probably put the show into the ‘show off’.

This is my blog, after all – no where else I feel more comfortable to express myself. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll stop pushing myself this hard and learn to relax.

Dear body, I’m training you so hard, so would you please stop being an absolute bitch to me? LOL.

I’m warning you, don’t let me use steroids on you. Haha. I’m kidding. Au naturale, baby!


Anyway, here are this week’s pre & post-workout meals.


Favorite meal of the day? Breakfast, of course!  

Organic centellani with herbs and veggies

Insanely epic breakfast!

Roasted stuffed eggplant with lean ground beef andveggies

Tuna salad with lettuce!

Just wrap it up and we’re good to go!

Baking in process…

 Clean chocolate peanut butter cookies and milk? Definitely happy with the baking results!

Everything you see above is made 100% clean and almost organic.

I don’t calorie-count anymore because I treat them as fuel for my insane training. My body needs all the fuel and recovery it can get. calorie counting would only make me more lethargic.

Recipes are coming soon, but I’m still trying to figure out how to create a new page and use that platform to regularly update recipes without affecting my main blog content.


Crazy cat lady just about to head out to town.


Oh did you know that there will be a Hollywood exhibition happening in KL soon?

I saw Ironman with his crew walking the streets of Bangsar campaigning for it.


Rekindled with bestieJoyce one evening. We caught up, talked about everything

underthe sun and the usual deep & meaningful conversations.

All of which spanned across two places, NOSH Bangsar and Dip n Dip Bangsar!


And that made my week all the more worthwhile.

More blog posts coming soon! It’s such a busy week, but I’ll try to blog more!



The Sunday Times is a weekly series; published every Sunday night to recap the highlights of my week, capture what piques my interest, share my personal thoughts, and to briefly highlight my recommendations for to-go and to-eat places! Some photos were posted instantly on my InstagramTwitterFacebook & my LIVE Blog.

Do follow to get instant updates and pretty photos of the sights & sounds all around me!smiley


The Sunday Times is a weekly series; published every Sunday night to recap the highlights of my week, capture what piques my interest, share my personal thoughts, and to briefly highlight my recommendations for to-go and to-eat places! Some photos were posted instantly on my InstagramTwitterFacebook & my LIVE Blog. Do follow to get instant updates and pretty photos of the sights & sounds all around me!smiley