Hi everyone!

So good to be writing here in this space again. I know I haven’t been blogging for more than a week and yes, I even had to give last weekend’s edition of The Sunday Times a miss.

Haven’t gotten the chance to sit down nor even have time for myself! Given, the last few days have been extremely hectic.


Where do I even start?

I’ve got a new boss at the workplace, an increase of clients under my personal training sessions, more media appearances, engagements and events to attend, more ads to write and tighter deadlines! Any MORE and I think I’ll be going even way over my head!

But here I am taking a quick break from all of that to pen some of my musings here. Despite it being heaps more commercialized than it was 8 years ago, my blog is STILL my only escape, as I’d still like to call it, regardless.


Random selfie. Don’t mind me.

Anyway, here is a recap of two weeks worth of personal updates from The Sunday Times.

It’s gonna be looooooooooong! I think.

Set up an ab and arm routine for one of my sessions last week.

The usual gym jam slam with buddy Carl. It was coincidentally back and bicep day for us.


One of the killer ones I enjoy, the rear delt row.

Just one of the rare days I wanted to record some ab progress before my run.

Energy Boost running shoes sponsored by Adidas Malaysia.

It’s the latest in the market! Will be blogging a review about this soon too! 🙂

After my workout session, I headed down to Cold Storage to grab a bite.

Got a little pissed and irritated when I saw this on the shelves.


SLIMMING NUTS? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Get real please. I hope consumers aren’t silly enough.

There’s NO shortcut to being fit and healthy. Nuts can only help increase your dietary intake of protein, fats and carbohydrates to a certain percentage but its nutritional properties are not sufficient enough as a stand-alone staple in your diet.

So don’t be ridiculous. Marketing it as a slimming nut is only tantamount to a marketing gimmick.

Unless… these nuts has been enriched with fat burners or mobilizers, carb blockers and other thermogenic factors, which I highly doubt. Then… that’s another story.


Anyway! Speaking of which, let’s move on to some of my meals this week.


 Raw honey proats with blueberries and strawberries!


 Spinach, onions, tomatoes and steamed golden pomphret.

Chickpea salad with tuna and flaxseed.

Made 100% clean chocolate biscuit/crackers!

I was surprised it turned out well as I made it so randomly one morning.

Chocolate proats with soy and strawberries.

This lacked a lot of colour and it didn’t taste really good anyway

so I shan’t bother naming it.

Cannellini beans with hardboiled eggs, chili flakes and lettuce

 Vegetable and pork stew! Made an awful mistake using shells instead of arborio rice LOL

But at the end of the day it tasted yummy.

There is this other dish which I made which tasted amazing but it looks like utter garbage. No joke at all, it actually looks like someone’s puke. So I guess I’ll just exclude it from today’s post 😛


But apart from my success-failure rate of cooking, I look forward to Mondays!!!

Because at the beginning of every week, I plan my meals ahead. Yup, it’s meal prep Mondays!

Snacktime! Strawbies rule. ‘Nuff said.

Did you know that IKEA has a new menu?

I’ve mentioned this on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before. IKEA has now added some new dishes to their menu, such as Nasi Lemak and Beef Ribs! They have also made some slight changes to their existing meals.

Their Poached Salmon now comes with brocolli-potato cakes and mixed vegetables instead of the initial baked potatos and brocolli.


Check out this Nasi Lemak from Hailam Kopitiam in Damansara Perdana!

Couldn’t help but to snap a picture of this. I just love the presentation of our traditional dish.

Would you like to have a plate of Malaysian? 😉


 Speaking of new menus, Hailam Kopitiam has just launched a new Premium Coffee series.

This is the flat white. Will be back to try the rest of their coffees!


More coffeetimes with bestieJoyce

Headed to Shogun Japanese Buffet and I completely went off my calorie intake for the day!

I was practically STUFFED with food

 Bought new sunglasses. What do you think?

 Made my ride happy by giving him a thorough wash and vacuum!

I’m pretty anal about its cleanliness and always try to make it as spotless as I can, both interior and exterior!

The weekend saw me heading out for the exclusive media launch of Oktoberfest 2013.

Jessicat wears: Buttoned-up sundress by H&M,

Supernova tote by Burberry, strappy heels in pink & orange by Aldo

Accessories sponsored by The Wild Things. Go shop for pretty stuff! I love their designs.


I brought Konzy along. We had a great time at the official launch of Oktoberfest 2013!

 So much food, drinks and merriment in the air. Full blog post soon!


Blue lights!

Our night didn’t end there, as we headed off to JUICE’s 9th anniversary birthday bash at STAGE KL.

 How time flies! JUICE is 9 already? I miss working in the editorial team, so much has changed since!


Came home to see my little precious standing on top of my fridge door.

I guess if he stares and meows at me long enough, I’ll end up giving him something to eat.


I changed my mind. He gets a hug instead.

Another weekend came round again and for the first time, I had to miss Arthur’s Day which I fervently attend every year!

Why? It was all worth it. I flew back to Penang that weekend to attend an old buddy’s wedding.

I’d never miss a friend’s big day for the world!


Congratulations Kooi & Karyn! May you both be blessed with love , happiness and abundance!


Had fun getting all dolled-up for the outdoor wedding party!

This makes me feel like having a garden wedding too.

Contact lens by Charmé.
Contact lens sponsored by: Ivilens.
Get yours at Ivilens.com!


After the wedding ceremony, we whisked off to MOIS, No.1 Upper Penang Road for our insane after-party!

Drenched the groom with 4 rounds of flaming lamborghinis to drink too.

As planned, he did end up extremely smashed that night 😛 More of the wedding coming soon!


BuddyKen made this really cool instant photo  thing for us at lunch one afternoon.

Being back in Penang had me going shopping. I ended up buying more equipment for my fitness arsenal.

Here are the new additions to the family!

Colorful kettlebells, weighted gloves, a steel skipping rope and heavy resistance bands.


Being back home also means taking a break from cooking and meal-prepping, but dictate how I want my

meals to be cooked instead. Check out the Asian version of my clean eating meals.

Ginger-steamed golden pomphret, braised pumpkin and shrimps, stir-fry spinach and carrots.

Some super random egg potato carrot cake.

Black beans and quesadillas from Chilis Bar and Grill.

And when I do eat out, I get snapped on candid camera taking photos of my food.

Oh typical Asian! *rolls eyes

Actually, I don’t know why or how the notion of ‘Asians taking photos of food’ came about.

I mean… surely ASIANS aren’t the only ones taking photos of their food? I’ve seen plenty of Westerners, Europeans and Middle Easterners do the same as well. Blame this on the ever-pervading Instagram culture. Hahaha!

I like my food. I love food. I love to eat. I’m such a fatty HAHAHA.

This means something. Penang International Airport.

Airport means goodbyes.


Or it could also mean hello.

Sunny afternoons heading out for a casual lunch date back in KL!

Jessicat wears: Tank in blue and skinny belt by MNG | high-waisted shorts by Supre |

| accessories a gift from thebestie| tote bag by SEED |

| Classic Suede sneakers sponsored by PUMA Malaysia |


 Surprised Kon on his birthday at midnight!

He doesn’t like surprises. But I’m pretty big on surprises and I always think it’s such a nice thing to do!

Jessicat wears: Geometric print tank by Forever 21| black shorts by MNG |

| accessories from PDI | studded phone case by Topshop |

| high-top sneakers by Playboy |

Dressed like this on a weekday night. Where am I going?

 To watch my idol in action – PORTER ROBINSON!

He’s my favorite complextro, electro house, dubstep DJ-Producer.




I’m completely smitten by his music and persona.

Okay okay enough gushing. More about this in another blog post!

Had only 3 hours of sleep right after Porter Robinson’s gig as it was a weekday damnit!

So caffeine was my only fuel to keep me from falling asleep LOL

Spotted an adorable yellow duckling over the weekend while shopping.

I just wish I could bring it home and make it mine! I’m a sucker for soft toys.

Dahla bukan kanak-kanak lagi tetapi masih meminati mainan comel sebegini!

Tak malu pun. I’m an overgrown child.

The weekend saw me landing myself in a shoot for a road safety commercial.

This is a Public Service Announcement. Episode 1 is going to be about Safety Belts – Better to be Safe than Sorry.

Haha there were a few funny bloopers that I’d like to share from my scene!

Also, the fact that it was filmed with me actually driving around without a seat belt, and simulating a road accident scene with ACTUAL cops tailing me really freaked me out. I hope they didn’t find my repetitive driving around the highway too fishy nor suspicious.

Nanti kena tangkap pulak!

I was also invited to attend the Grand Launch of Epiphany Coffee & Tobacco.

This is the latest tobacconist and coffee connoisseurs to hit the market!

Took heaps and heaps of photos, will be blogging all about this cafe soon.

Outfit of that night. Jessicat wears: Striped long tank by MNG | Accessories by DIVA |

Tessuto Saffiano tote bag by Prada | newspaper print leggings a gift from an aunt |

Jeffrey Campbell inspired booties by H&M

No, to answer some of your questions, I don’t dress up all the time.

Here’s me looking like a Plain Jane during office hours.

I hope that my other commitments and work won’t take too much of my time, as I wish to be back here speaking to you again very soon! There’s so many things I have lined up to blog about but alas, so little time! Sometimes, I wish I could take a sabbatical off work for a month to reshuffle my priorities and focus on this blog again.


Farewell party to a colleague that has recently left to take a break!

That being said, have a lovely week ahead and don’t let stress take its toll on you.

Yeah, I totally have to heed my own advice.


 I need a break myself. Totally 🙁


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