Hi loves! Gosh, the past seven days has been such a busy week for me.

I just realized that it's been exactly a week since I've last blogged. Sorry for the absence!



Anyway, I've just got home from a long weekend of work and holiday in Ipoh.

Yeah it's a public holiday again, one of the best things about living in Malaysia, eh? Public holidays come in abundance haha! This time, it's Nuzul Al-Quran, a religious occasion commemorated by Muslims.


Yes, babyChivas, mommy's home.

Have you been a good boy while I was gone? smiley


So… let's get on with what made my week this time round. cool


Was requested to record a video for someone special for her birthday.

I hope you're not reading this because it'll spoil the surprise, I suppose LOL cheeky


Did my charity work for the week. This time, it's for Pathway 2 Society.

A non-profit effort to reintegrate ex-offenders/ex-convicts/ex-juveniles

into society by giving them a second chance at life. Check them out! yes


Had a pretty refreshing dip by the poolside.


Random photo on the way for my training at gym!


Those guns are ready to cry!


Another thing that made my week were smoothies.

Ahhhh yes, fruit and veggie smoothies! Can't live without them yes


This week's post-workout meals:

Seven nut muesli with green apples, milk and cinnamon


Organic cellentani with brocolli, garbanzo beans, egg white scramble and flax.


Wholewheat bread with peanut butter, almonds and garbanzo beans!


Organic wholewheat fusili tossed with zucchini, olive oil,carrots and flax.


Oven-baked salmon with diced potatoes, capsicums, egg-white scramble and garden peas


Stir-fried carrots, spinach, aubergine and chicken chunks


Peruvie Peruvian Grilled Chicken @ TTDI


Loved it. It gave me a good bang for my buck. Delicious and cheap!

Full blog feature soon.


My furkid Chivas always steals my cushion. Perhaps I should get him an actual pet bed of his own?

But then again, he sleeps and lounges about practically EVERYWHERE. surprise

Aku rasa, usahlah membelikannya tempat istirahat sendiri dah.


Oh since my cat seems to be very popular now, I figured you might wanna watch his antics for yourself


Weekends are best for your trusty ol' kicks, no? 

I love my worn-down sneakers, the Chuck Taylor Converse All Star high tops.


Weekend outfit of the day with granny. heart

I wish I was a stoic as she is. Her pokerface sends me chills down my spine.


Restoran Fai Kee @ Ipoh


We had brunch here. A very popular place among the locals for noodles of pork, fish and drunken prawn.


I was overjoyed when I found my favorite Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) machine

tucked away in an arcade in Ipoh Parade called 'Molly Fantasy'.


12 rounds back-to-back came as no surprise. I was sweating buckets and panting rather audibly

up till a point where the people around me probably thought I was down with an incurable disease. Erk. blush


The Limestone's Fine Dining Restaurant @ Regal Lodge Hotel


Saturday lunchdate. The place was nothing to shout about. And… really? Fine Dining? Not to me.

Full blog feature soon!


Random video after returning home from a long day.

Jul 25, 2013 | Nighty night!! ❤ by imthejessicat on Keek.com


Packed my gear and dressed professionally the next day for a heavy responsibility of shooting a wedding.



While the thought of holy matrimony has always been the last thing on my mind for the longest time, undertaking this task of shooting a wedding and making sure every memorable moment is recorded made me realize a few things that I've probably never thought of.

Prior to this, I've never really seen weddings in this light nor have I envisioned how beautiful a wedding can be.

Biar benar, begitu indah menyaksikan akad nikah mereka sehingga hampir menitis air mata! crying


Stole a quick selfie in the bridal chamber before I began the shoot

at Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Ipoh


With the stunning couple. Congratulations, Soon and Shirly! laugh


The very look on the bride and groom's faces, the merriment that filled the wedding reception, the congregration of old friends and long-lost family members coming together to celebrate a wonderful union, the expressions of both young and old, the nostalgia rising from speeches and presentations, the picture-perfect wedding photographs, the grand ballroom, the decorations, the wedding cake… and the whole celebratory shebang. heart


Wow. Guess I've never looked at it this way before.


One day, just.. maybe someday, I'll be a beautiful, blushing bride walking down the aisle in my gorgeous white gown, complete with a delicate veil and bridal train cascading behind me.

But it all seems so far away as we speak.

I've not even found my Mr. Right yet (No, I'm not looking for the time being!). Who will I end up spending the rest of my life with? Who will I end up growing old with? Could it be you? I'll never know. blush 

Walaupun aku tidak mencari pasangan buat masa ini, tidak salah jikalau aku bicara bahawa aku masih menunggu jodoh, kan? 


On another serious note, I've been busy with very important and legal papers this week.

Many were quick to assume when I posted it on my Facebook and Instagram but no, it's not a marriage registration.

Some of you have already accurately guessed but I'll only officially reveal and blog all about it when the time is right.


The end of the long weekend is over and so are the parties.


The long weekend was a perfect respite from the city. But for now, work beckons once again.

WIll be back in office tomorrow!  Have a great seven days ahead, you. cool


Much love,



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