Hi loves!

This week was filled with friends, love and celebrations. Oh and, a lot of food as usual haha!

So let's see… what made my week this time round?


My seven days began at work (where else?) on a Monday. And as we were chilling outside our office porch, my colleague took this candid shot of me.


Deep in conversation with another colleague LOL.

So I suppose this is my serious face when I pay attention to someone talking.

(Actually I don't even remember what we were talking about anymore)


He took another photo, which I had some fun editing.


Tuesday night went great as bestieJoyce asked me out to celebrate my belated birthday!

She was away on my actual birthday, so I guess this makes up for it. I was thrilled smiley


Dressed up really casually tonight; I didn't feel dressy for some reason.


The birthday dinner at Picknik,Publika was great! Wonderful conversations my loves over great foodheart

Full blog post soon!


The rest of the week was all about my daily grind at gym and post-workout meals as usual:


Lower back and leg day. Hi!


Blueberry proats with banana and almonds


Organic wholewheat fusili tossed in extra virgin olive oil with

chicken mince, baby asparagus, kidney beans and chia seeds! 


 Experimented with something new on Thursday.
Raw honey baked stuffed capsicums with lean, ground beef, minced chicken breast and vegetable fillings! 


I don’t usually praise my own cookbook creations but this was delicious and tastes just like pie! laugh

Will refine my recipe and hopefully post it up ok! kiss


Lunch with the colleagues at IKEA Restaurant & Cafe

No prizes in guessing which is mine! cheeky


When we arrived today, I was almost overcome with shock when there were hardly anyone eating at a restaurant which was, more often than not, always 100% full and even people lining up in long queues!

Then I realized it was Ramadan month where the Muslims fast all day. Right, no wonder. cool


The next night, Kon and I decided to storm Jalan Alor for some local streetfood.

Actually, he was craving for hot and spicy clams since our last visit. So we caved in.


Yun Lai Restaurant along the buzzing food haunt in Jalan Alor.

We didn't remember which was the store we patronized on our last visit, so we gave this one a try.


Amongst the hoardes of stores lining the main street, one could easily be spoilt for choice.

Here's what we ordered:


Chicken Satay


Black Pepper Baked Prawns


Barbequed Stingray


Sauteed Asparagus


Hot & Spicy Lala (clams)


Grilled Mushrooms


The food was great! We had an enjoyable evening there, despite the presence of aggressive waitresses trying to solicit customers to dine in their stores. She literally yanked my sleeved in a relatively rough manner towards her store LOL. 

Didn't quite appreciate that. indecision But the food certainly made up for her lack of mannerism!


Come Saturday, I threw a small birthday party with my closest buddies.

Many thanks to The Pool KL for sponsoring my night and Smirnoff Vodka! heart Thank youuuuu so much.

Sorry for the bad quality! It happens when the image is sent directly from Instagram frown

We also spent the afterparty in Zouk Club KL. That was one hectic night, alright. heart

Will be blogging about the night a.s.a.p yes promise! x

Just a few things I've pondered about and held for a long time, but only decided to execute now.

When you ask yourself whether or not you are truly happy with the way things are working for you now, what would your answer be? blush

Are you happy with where you are, what you are doing, how you look, who you are with, and your life in general at this present time? If you're not, or have mixed feelings about your answer, then you probably lack the happiness you have in mind. 

Do something different, for once. Only you can dictate where your life is headed to.angel



Do something to break free from your current shackles and give yourself the time to re-evaluate.

A re-route. A different path in life. A new direction. wink

Sure, you may not be sure if this is really what you want and risk emotional withdrawals but hey, it's only normal. Don't be afraid to embark on something new or shuffle your priorities. It's just the beginning.

Go where you are celebrated; not tolerated!

So if you think you are strong enough to shut your eyes, put your barricades behind you, and dive into the deep for a new adventure, by all means, go for it. I did, with absolutely no regrets.


Much love,



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