Ohai there! How are you doing?

My week was rather out of the ordinary – a lot more fun, more beautiful and yet unfortunate LOL.


It's a given, I like to doll myself up whenever I attend events.


My busy week began with Winnie dear's text; inviting me to a very glamorous event in the Grand Ballroom of Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. Without hesitation, I told her I'd see her there, for sure! heart



Jul 10, 2013 | Excited for tonight's #gala! It's renown #Italian haIr brand, #Medavita's 50th anniversary dinner! by imthejessicat on Keek.com



Medavita's 50th Anniversary gala dinner and hair show was a very, very compelling one! 

It was themed 'From Black to White'. Needless to say, I came dressed in black and white from top to toe! wink



It also featured duo Urban Nation and hair maestro Mauro Lulli from Italy performing hair transformations..

Full blog feature soon!


Winnie and I heart

She was on stage performing an elegant hairstyle transformation too!


Everything was fine and dandy this week, been keeping busy and whatnot but it all fell apart when I was involved in a serious-but-not-so-serious-but-extremely-damaging-to-my-pocket mishap.

So apparently, while I was speeding down the highway, my car tyre exploded. A LOUD rattling sound was heard and before I knew it, I was veering towards the right. frown Terkejutnya aku! Tiba-tibe je…

I tried my best to slow down and detour towards the left side of the highway before we called for help.


Help arrived in 10 minutes (but it felt like forever given the sticky situation).

Thank goodness for SPRINT Ronda's efficiency! yes

Sent my poor baby to hospital. It didn't only damage him but caused a huge dent in my wallet too.

Why do Ford cars only use special Continental huge, high quality tyres and not regular tyres? frown



Another thing causing such an uproar this week amongst my friends is the Minion craze.


Yeah, I don't get it either.


Remember my previous post about the McDonald's minions

And what about the children? Adults storming McDonald's to buy and sell those minions at 12am?


I have one thing to say.


Anyway, that's just my opinion. No offence to the legions of minion-fans out there.


Asalkan sesiapa gemar, ikut suka hati sendirilah! wink  Whatever floats your boat. 

Perhaps someday I'll find a collectible that renders me crazy too cheeky


In the meantime, here are some workout/progress shots in the gym and my usual post-workout meals.


Flexing those guns after bicep and back day. It's scary when they pop so much! blush


Tuesday Tri-set day!


Roasted chicken, cauliflower & carrots and egg white scramble with sauteed spinach!


Seven nut granola with bananas, blueberries and cinnamon!


Honey roasted corn, brocolli & carrots and wholewheat organic fusilli!


Homemade guacamole, cherry tomatoes and pumpkin kernals on toast!


Mashed potato with eggs, bayleaf and black pepper


Roast chicken fillets with homemade hummus, baked potatoes in bayleaf and brocolli & carrots


Proatmeal, sunflower seeds, pumpkin kernals and blueberries!


Snacktime! 3 hardboiled eggs, lettuce, yoghurt and banana!


Muesli with milk, green apples and blueberries!


That's enough food for now. Not sure if publishing food photos by day is frowned upon or not.indecision

Dahla tu, tak elok la kalo banyak sangat gambar makanan semasa bulan Ramadan.

Minta maaf ye, kalo tersinggung! sad


Let's move on to other things that made my week instead.


I got my hair done at my favorite hair salon – the undisputed, bar none, A Cut Above!


My new ombre-red hair thanks to A Cut Above! 

After consultation, Winnie told me that my hair was finally ready for red pigments again. 


After the massive hair tragedy that burnt my long red hair, by a hair stylist from a hair salon whose name I shall not disclose (because I don't feel nasty today), I had to be on almost a year-long hiatus from red hair.


The red-head Jessicat is back for the 6th year! kiss

Full blog feature of my red-head return soon


Had my eyelash extensions done thanks to Pink Passion The Signature Salon

Will be posting up a discount code specially for my readers. Full blog feature soon!


Since it was the weekend, I figured imma shimmy down and have some fun in the city.

At my one and only favorite playground – Zouk Club KL. wink


Are we ready? We sure are wink


With my girl Pam in Zouk's Phuture instead of Mainroom, for a change. wink


Shishatime with Marc – afterparty? More of after-chilling after all that partying.


Random selfie in the mirror


Being a good host to my foreign friends (and no, I am not blowing my own trumpet. If you do know exactly how many foreigners I have brought around KL and Penang over a span of say, a year, you would think I am working as a part time tour guide, I kid you not.), I decided to bring them to one of our less "city" spots in KL. 

They didn't come all this way to Malaysia just to see…… shopping malls. indecision

Most of my foreign buddies yearn for a taste of culture, something off the beaten track, one that they won't ever see in their homeland. 


And thus, we meet again, dear ol' Batu Caves.

I wrote a blog post about my previous Batu Caves visit here. Trust me, you'll like it. wink


As usual, attempting the 300 odd staircase climb with a foreigner is something I deem quite a "hobby" now.


With Frenchboy Marc this time. Say hi smiley


We all had a great deal of fun! laugh Watched monkeys, pigeons and…


COCKFIGHTS! Yes, I'm not joking. Actual, cock fights. wink


Jul 13, 2013 | Bringing ze #French guest around in #KL, #Malaysia! We've just finished climbing to ze top of Batu Caves. by imthejessicat on Keek.com



Lunch was at Tony Romas Steakhouse Restaurant. What can I say? wink

I love the ribs at Tony Romas and gave it a five star rating. Check out the previous blog mention last week!


Mine: Lamb RIbs and Bountiful Beef Ribs 

Rating: ★★★★★


A 10 oz. medium-well New York Strip

Rating: ★★★★★


He prefers medium-well too, just like I do!

I think I'd grimace while eating a steak that is cooked anywhere beneath medium. Ugh. blush


Gobble gobble.

The ribs were so good; I just had to leave my propriety under the table and eat with my fingers LOL


It's time to shake, rattle, rock n' roll with some strawberry mojitos!

Spent my Sunday in Hard Rock Cafe!


Ahhhh good ol' classic rock, metal and rock n' roll with local rock band 'N the Boys'


Hot Fudge Sundae.  

Rating: ★★★★★


Song of the week. My current earworm; on loop for about a million times now.


Moving on!


Konzy returned from his trip to Hong Kong and bought me these goodies!

Just by looking at the gifts, it's obvious he knows me well. Thank youuuu dear! heart


My favorite. Say hi to my new Hello Kitty 'Circus of Life' Magician edition, from Hong Kong!


To end this week on a more serious note, I'm currently in talks about making a very crucial decision. One step closer to my goals. (But I really can't disclose anything yet as of now)

A girl can only dream, yes. But my dreams will not work itself towards me. It is I, who should first be unafraid to take risks and plunge into the depths armed with a level head and no regrets.

If this is what I really want, then hear this from me – I will make it happen.



Yes, I believe in dreams, no doubt.

 I believe dreaming gives you, albeit an altered sense of reality, a strong desire and visions of happiness and success. When one dreams big, one harbours omething to look forward to. A motivation, an inspiration and a drive to work hard towards that very dangling carrot. 

Without dreams and goals, one will be more likely to just fleet aimlessly in the wind. 


As Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States, once said,

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". 

Pure hard work, dedication, commitment and determination. This are what dreams are made of.  

And I'll get there.


Much love,



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