I swear I don't remember the last time I stayed in Penang for so long!

Usually, I'll only be down for the weekend or so, but this time round was a record of two weeks straight.


I miss mom & dad, as well as my folks in Ipoh and of course, my dearest Penang buddies!

Here are some of the things that made my week superb.

My favorite Iced Dark Chocolate drink from TheObroma Chocolate Lounge @ The Curve


Stole a picture of babyChivas catnapping  on the TV


Gymtime was merciless, as always. Today, it was lower body & core workout day!


Checking into Dome Cafe for dinner!


Dinner was healthy and filling, as always. My favourite Eggs Benedict and a cuppa Chamomile tea


He had the Gourmet Chicken and Mushroom Pie with a serving of sauteed vegetables


Oh goodness me, look at the thick creamy hot soup underneath that golden puff pastry!

It was so hearty and fulfilling! Definitely highly recommended


Headed on a roadtrip back to Penang! The North-South Highway was crystal clear :D


Random selfshot moments


Caught sight of a sporty white Lotus Evora cruising beside me on the highway.

So lovin' its dangerous curves! 


Had a food review scheduled at Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine on the night I arrived


BuddyMinny was there with me 

Check out the framed modern art portraiture of the iconic figures behind us!


I was reserved a table facing the sea and night sky

Look at how impressive those hand-painted ceramic plates are!


Here are some of my top few favourite dishes from the ten-course dinner

*Full blog post featuring Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine coming soon!


DnM conversations and catching up with buddyMinny over shishatimes at Venum Shisha! 


The next afternoon's training was an uphill task and all about the lifting the weights!


And then it's partying on a Thursday night at Soho Gastro Pub at Precinct 10 with my Penangmates

Here are some more party pictures!



The music was thumping, bottles were poppin' and the party went hard on

electronic dance music all through the night


Afterparty : Supper at the ever-popular Restoran Yunus Khan,

fondly known as 'Jiao Sai' to the Penangites :)


You wanna know why? The term 'Jiao Sai' ('Bird poo' in the Hokkien dialect) was coined when the first branch of Restoran Yunus Khan was easily recognized for the mass amount of bird poo splattered along the road it was located. 

Okay, trivia over. Time for the next day!

Dolled up and got ready to go for TWELVE XII's Penang Invasion at QEII Penang


QEII (Queen Elizabeth the Second) is a bar -club right above the sea if you haven't been there yet!


It was crowded with people way before midnight


Partying with TRIMIX & Tigeranddragon!


With my buddies and two of my favorite partymates, Sam & Minny 


They always somehow always have a way of making me drink-drank-drunk.


ONE love for trance and progressive music!


TRIMIX was marvellous as usual; hitting all the right spots of any fellow trancer.

It was my first time watching Tigeranddragon – he was great!


Sam, being one of the coolest partygoers and the usual sport he is,

ordered a round of tequila shots for us!


One shot, two shots, three shots, more!


And it's down! No sweat! 

But if they make me drink another Flatliner shot, I'll run a mile away. I have an aversion to tabasco! ;(


Managed to catch a picture with TRIMIX and Tigeranddragon. Thanks Samuel! :)


Ramsey and I. He played before they did – at midnight!


My former collegemates Leo and Mike came to join the party too!


We stayed till the lights came on. Fantastic night, pals! 


And that wraps up my week. I am exhausted!

Sunday was spent with the family – good ol' quality time with the folks always proves to be therapeutic!


Have a marvellous week ahead, fellas 



Much love,



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