Hi peeps!

Today, I decided to blog on my personal log of The Sunday Times on Sunday morning so it’ll gradually get done by the end of Sunday. Yay! If this works, I’ll start just as early again next week.

Because well, usually, I’ll start on Sunday night and by the time I’m only halfway done, it’ll be waaaaaaay past midnight and I find myself falling asleep on the keyboard as I persevere to churn out a blog post LOL. It’s no tiresome chore, it’s just that I’ll be so worn out by the time it hits 2am that my biological clock goes Hitler on me.



So how’s this week been? Dear Diary…

I am on the train as we speak. Went home for the weekend to celebrate goddy’s birthday, only to find out that daddy got hospitalized.

Some birthday, huh. But nevertheless, we got to celebrate her birthday just fine and well, daddy’s sleeping right now after his dosage of painkillers. He’ll be in the operating theatre for a minor surgery tomorrow and I pray he comes out ay-okay. Smile


Greeted by this almost psychedelic fountain of neon lights and waterplay!

Such a beautiful addition to the otherwise plain yet majestic Ipoh Railway Station.

We chose a really delightful place for goddy’s birthday celebration. It was Plan B along Ipoh’s Old Town vicinity. Here are the photos of the very classy interior!




As there were 5 of us, we ordered a truckload of food.

No kidding when I say A TRUCKLOAD OF FOOD. Surprised

Saya rasa kita dah pesan terlampau banyak makanan malam tu kerana hampir tak mampu menghabiskannya!

The food just wouldn’t stop coming and we were like, are there seriously even more to come? How much did we order? LOL.


Wild Mushroom Linguine

This one came with an abundance of wild assorted mushrooms with truffle oil and thyme. Yum!


The Loaded Club Sandwich

Loved how it was literally loaded with eggs, avocado, grilled chicken, and turkey bacon.


Steak Frites with Bearnaise sauce and fries.


A close-up cross section of that 300gm medium rare striploin!


Coney Dog

The flavourful bolognaise complemented the Chicken Cheese Sausage so well!


Classic Caesar Salad with Chargrilled Chicken.

Gosh the portion was humongous! I especially liked the poached egg right in the middle.


Traditional Nasi Lemak

They ran out of the rice so we were fine with an alternative Nasi Ulam rice replacement.


Macadamia caramel cheesecake


And those were only some of what we ordered. Don’t freak out. Umm… I know I did LOL.

Like I said, I always end up cheating on my dietary regime each time I come home; eating food that I wouldn’t otherwise eat when I’m back in the city. Oh well. I guess I’ll let it go… again.


Hey, it’s a birthday occasion… and… people eat (a lot) on birthdays, right?

Just look at how pretty the Jamoca Almond Fudge ice-cream cake from Baskin Robins is!

I think I ran outta excuses.


Happy be-early birthday dearest godmommy!

I love you.


Ended the night with deliciously brewed coffee and pints of beer.

Ironically though, I went home with goodies from the day’s events too.

Though it’s not my birthday, I somehow got myself some presents LOL.


Estee Lauder’s The Makeup Artist Professional Color Collection gift set.

I’m a happy (girly) girl! Kiss


DC Comics and Marvel X Lego superheroes!

I’m a happy (geeky) girl. Tongue Out

A great weekend was a perfect remedy to my stressful week.

I found myself feeling a little pressured earlier this week due to the extra, extra workload I was given. It’s just that time of the month where a lot of monthly reports, proposals and projects are due for submission to our clients.


But hey, a little extra stress never kills me. It just makes me crankier haha!


Non-cranky days in the office.

A picture of my feet at work. Don’t ask me why I took this random photo.


Was just texting with a buddy and this is a result LOL


Meeting time! There was a gigantic mirror and the elevator took forever.. thus this photo.


Oddly enough I had too many things on hand to attend to and been disturbed by so many things in mind (more about that at the end of this post) that I gradually found myself left with little to no time for the gym. Yell



Which honestly sucks because gym has been so ingrained into my schedule that skipping it would leave me feeling agitated and incomplete.

But more often than not, I’d be so drained and brain dead by the end of the day that I’ll end up trudging to the bed, getting cosy under the covers with a mug of hot chocolate watching The Big Bang Theory. Sealed

But waking up in the early morning for a workout before my entire day begins works too.

The best part is having the entire gym all to yourself! Woot woot!



Here are some bites as usual. I know I owe some of you recipes!

Will reply your emails soon okay!


Zucchini salad with roasted chicken chunks

Oven baked codfish with sides of asparagus and carrots.


One night I got so lazy to cook the vegetables and since I ‘ve already consumed

lots of veggies the whole day, I just decided to skip it for dinner LOL


Ooooh last week was All Hallows Day!

It’s one of my favorite celebrations of the year. Heck, when do you see everyone in the whole street dressing up in different characters and personas from extremely different worlds, universes, cultures, fairytales, centuries come alive in ONE DAY? Shocked

No other occasion than Halloween, of course! Unless… it’s someone’s dress-up theme party then yes, that too.


Halloween in the office. By day, I was… just an alien LOL.

But when night fell, I transformed into something else!

I was an zombie Playboy Bunny.

Little did I know that I would win myself the Best Dressed Female at a Halloween Party!

Coolbeans. Oh the clown beside me won Best Dressed Male.

Full blog post soon!


This week, I also parked at the Single Ladies & Pregnant Mothers ONLY zone for the very first time.

My boy looking happy amongst the girls.


With rampant crimes turning into a more alarming rate than ever, this zone was brightly lit, near the mall entrance and under tight surveillance by security guards.
Good initiative! Thumbs up to The Curve management!

Oh and I went shopping with my girl, Anis, last weekend.


But above is the damage – just by me, alone.

Also, I’m still trying to figure out when the best time is to wear those pastel pink suede Mary Jane stilettos that won’t make me look too girly or look like a total slut.
One day, you hear me. One fine day, I will wear you and look completely normal.


Days get better when you share it with the people closest to you.

Spent Saturday night with bestieJoyce and our friends!


Though I’m not quite the fan of Korean food – perhaps I’m just not used to it yet – we went for a massive Korean dinner feast at Seoul in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Korean eateries are never the top on my list when asked to suggest a cuisine but on the rare occasions I do get dragged to eat Korean food, I never regret. It is quite delicious, after all.

 The highlght of the night is when bestieJoyce and I wore the same shoes coincidentally… again.

Soulmates you say? Always have been!

Round 2 on our Saturday night out at Chateau de Caffeinees KL!

Cheers! Wine and warmth really works well on a cold, rainy night.

My girls and I

Konzy and I!

Some of us tonight! Don’t know where the rest had disappeared too…


Their drinks were absolutely yum, my favorite being the Very Dark Chocolate (it had a warning sign there which says it is for SERIOUS chocolate lovers only) so I ordered it with no hesitation. Their nachos in cheese sauce was a great snack in between our card games!

But there was one thing which didn’t go too well on our palates…


The Bondi Burger’s ginger sauce was a tad too overbearing.

We somehow found it an odd combination.

Ready for a Sunday afternoon!



Shades on.

Shades off.

KDU Class of ’09 reunite at the most unexpected times.

Ken and us! 🙂


Here’s a brief rundown and review of the meals we ordered at Antipodean Cafe & Restaurant, Bangsar.


Iced Mocha.


Usually, I’d prefer my coffee hot but it was a really sweltering day outside and I felt thirstier than usual.

I regretted ordering Iced Mocha. Not sure if I didn’t like the sweet taste of the chocolate syrup or that I just don’t do cold coffee.


Whatever it was, I immediately ordered a piping hot cafe latte.

Ahhh… bliss.


Chickpea salad with smoked salmon and grilled vegetables.

Arguably one of my favorites here at Antipodean!

Greek Salad. The olives are really huge and the feta was very sharp.

Kiwi Lamb Burger. The boys loved it. ‘Nuff said.

Roast chicken. Personally, I felt that pairing this dish with a bed of asparagus instead of long beans would be better. Also, the taste of the sauce used was a little too overwhelming.

Then again, maybe I just prefer my chicken’s original flavour.

Spotted a Vespa just outside the restaurant. Such a vintage beauty! Classic.

Random selfie in the car.


Candid shot. I wasn’t ready for the photo, obviously.

But I think I look awkwardly weird in this photo that it’s funny.

We all adjourned to Sephora.


It was massive and ohmygoodness you would have enough supply of make up to paint your face with for the next 100 years if you lived inside. Not even joking.
The colours, shades and endless trays of palettes would make any girl squeal. Point illustrated below:


…DARY! Cool


Sejerus kita melangkah ke dalam Sephora, rambang matanya sungguh! Nampaknya kita teramat sangat menggilakan alat-alat kosmetik, terutamanya keluaran Sephora yang terkini! 

It was practically a sea of women in there – all gushing over every single make-up and beauty product. Kiss


But what really make me purr with delight was DIOR’s new Christmas collection.

The Golden Winter 2013 Collection. The ones above are my favorite shades! Royale and Etoile.


Got photobombed (as usual) when I was taking selfies.

Pavilion was indeed a sea of colours and a festival of lights,

thanks to the creative Kolam masterpieces and other Deepavali decorations!


Not to mention as busy and packed as always! It was like staring into a massive can of sardines.


We did our thing. Shopping, fooling around, grabbing coffee, chit-chatting, walking about and decided to grab some dinner before leaving the city. We happened to be on the top floor of Pavilion, where the Japanese sections are, so Japanese food it was!

Tokyo Teppan in Pavilion was our choice for the evening. Ready for the food rundown? 😀

Grilled Salmon & Chicken Teppanyaki Set

Oh I loved it. The garlic fried rice was so fragrant and when paired with the grilled meat? Delightful.

Tempura Udon.
The soup was very hearty and meaty, while the tempura was very crispy and flavourful!


 Assorted sushi choices. I didn’t try any of those but it sure looks good, no? 😀

Mark gobbled it and before I could say, “How is it?”, not a single morsel of sushi was left in sight.

That definitely says something, doesn’t it? Or he could just be hungry. LOL

 Teriyaki Scallops.

Loved how this was so juicy and perfectly seared! One word – HEAVEN.


Although the menu at Tokyo Teppan was rather limited (they had an extremely small menu) but hey, it seems to work well for them! Less choices of food would inevitably mean more time to specialize and focus on their star dishes – which was perfecto!


Another thing making my week awesome is when long-time buddy Anis and I hung out the entire day. Laughing


Close-knit girlfriends since 2009 and counting!


We headed to Paddington House of Pancakes to satisfy our pancake cravings. Ahhhh… nothing like a good pancake in the morning.
The inner health freak in me begs to differ and is especially against what I ate today – but sometimes, I tell her to shut up. LOL

They’ve recently renovated their restaurant too.

So quirky! Love it.



The menu.

Minestrone Soup – that comes with nachos! Oooh yum.

Zucchini Onion Pancake with a hash brown and fluffy scrambled eggs.

 Dessert. Pancakes with maple syrup, ice cream and melted chocolate.


Speaking of tastefully sweet indulgences, it was someone’s birthday again at the office.

I know, I know you peeps will probably be going – AGAAAAIN? The answer is: yes, again.
My hypothesis was right, isn’t it? There really does seem to be someone’s birthday every day or at least every week in the office. Then again, we got to eat delicious birthday cakes so heck, I for sure am not complaining!

This tasted insanely out-of-this-world with every melting moutful.

Dark chocolate ice-cream cake by Haagen-Dazs with chocolate ribbons as decor.

No wonder it costed RM200++ Yikes.

And that was how my fortnight rocked. Actually, no.

Behind all this happiness – yes, it is to an extent, a facade – I’ve been having a rather miserable week. What happened, you ask? Oh, nothing. I’d rather not divulge too deep into sordid details and instead, keep the drama to a minimum.

CryingBut let’s just say, it was tantamount to hearing from your other friends horrible stories of what your very good friend (at least, one whom you’ve always valued as one) has been doing behind your back and saying all those nasty things, lying to your face and everyone else’s this entire time, making fun of you at your expense when you’ve genuinely believed a good friend would never do a thing like that.

Unexpected really, but we all learned the hard way. I do not know if I’ve been told the rightful story or the wrong one, but frankly, I don’t care anymore. I’ve heard enough and at this point, enough is an understatement – and a painful disappointment.


FuriousBut no thanks to this entire debacle, I now have trust issues… being double-crossed by a person who you have entrusted with can hit you quite hard, to be honest. Betrayal is awful. It hurts, yes but I guess it all boils down to one thing.


Shit happens. People fall out. Move on.

I’m glad I got out before it got worse – not that it could get any worse after discovering the shocking truth and feeling so much bitter agony as a direct result. Being so hurt and stuck in a rut for a good few days made me realize: no one can be trusted.

But at the same time, I do realize that to err is human and to forgive is divine. I too, have made a lion’s share of mistakes pertaining to this very word called ‘friendship’ as I now loosely term it, in the past, all through growing up, stumbling, falling but more importantly, learning from it. 

Thus I realize that nothing and no one is worth the tears I’ve shed… and there’s only two steps to take – put the past behind and move forward.



On a completely unrelated (and much lighter) note, another thing I’ve learnt throughout these couple of weeks is that happiness is not a possession to be prized but it is a quality of thought; a state of mind. So let us be grateful to the ones who make us happy and bask in their presence; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom like the colours of spring.

So thank you…yes you. Wink

I love how you can somehow, in inexplicable ways, without even trying, have the uncanny ability make me smile like a soft, warm kitty. Yup, that little ball of fur.


Goodnight, folks!



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