Believe it or not, I used to fear contact lens and avoid them like the plague when I was younger.

Whenever I see anyone putting their contact lens on, I would feel squeamish and just cannot bring myself to look. Hey, watching people sticking their fingers into their eyeballs isn’t exactly a pleasant sight to see. Ugh.

But I gradually began to realize how pretty they can look once worn – so I changed my mind and decided to start wearing them in mid 2011.



I remember lil sistah Victoria and I went through a morning of anguish getting me to wear them for the first time. After a stream of tears, red eyes, countless blinking and whining, I finally managed to wear my first pair without jabbing myself blind LOL. Yell


I survived.

My fear of contact lens has since left me, and today… I wouldn’t have even foresaw myself to welcome a new contact lens sponsor on board, two years down the road after that frightful first time experience. 

Here are the contact lens I now use! Laughing


Introducing: Charmé by Ivilens!



Due to the nature of the product, this blog post will undeniably be loaded with close-up photos

as I endeavour to photograph the contact lens in my eye with different lighting and angles.

I implore you to focus on the contact lens and ignore my rather horrific skin complexion LOL.

And yes, I am quite self-conscious of my bad skin.


I have, to date, tried all the 3 different types of contact lens series but today, I will be highlighting the ECLIPSE series before moving on to the MESMERIZE and the MAGNIFIES series another day.

Before I explain why I prefer Charmé lenses compared to the other numerous brands I’ve tried, let me show you a few photos of the brown and grey versions of ECLIPSE.


Let’s start with: ECLIPSE IN BROWN during an evening/night lighting


I love how it appears to look a shade close to pale green in some lightings!


Dim/night light whilst in the car


 Close-up under white lights.


I wore it again the next day at a road safety commercial shoot.

Here is ECLIPSE IN BROWN under the natural light of the hot, afternoon sun. Cool


It still has this greenish brown hue that I like!

 ECLIPSE is slightly enlarging too!

This enlargement fixes my forever-hanging-eyeballs-in-all-my-photos problem. LOL

Ha! My irises are now bigger and less of the white sclera can be seen.

No more hanging eyeballs!

Direct sunlight.

You can see the pretty shade of light brown in here.


Now that I’ve shown you ECLIPSE IN BROWN, it’s time  for ECLIPSE IN GREY.

I only managed to wear it once so far, for a Saturday afternoon outing followed by the media launch of The Roof that very same night.


Under natural sunlight.


I feel safe wearing contact lenses by Charmé as it helps in protecting my eyes against the harsh UV rays of the sun; thus preventing sun damage!

Below is an illustration of my point:


Get it? Get it? 😀

So yes, I have no fear of wearing them outdoors even on a glaring, blazing hot day.


Take Two.

All accessories by: The Wild Things

Close up!

Under direct camera flash light.

Close up under direct camera flash light.


The colour will be less obvious without flash.

So what do you think? Do you prefer the brown one or the grey one?

I honestly love both! But if I were to be at gunpoint and had to choose one, I’d say…. uhmm..

Okay I still can’t decide. I really like both after wearing them! There is no preference. Surprised


The compact, sealed packaging that all Charmé contact lens will come in.

I’m gonna be sharing a little geek speak here but if you were to put something in your eyes, you should at least be concerned and well-informed about that product’s make and properties.

I know I would. 🙂 So… listen up!


The Charmé Sandwich Technology


The sandwich process is used in Charmé’s colour lens manufacturing in which the colour pigment is embedded between HEMA-Polymacon layer.
So soaking it with multi-purpose solution, rinsing, or rubbing the lenses will not cause the color pigment to fade.
Through this comfortable and secure process, the walls of the Charmé contact lens tend to be drawn to each other and is more prone to sticking to each other due to the formulation that it is made of.


I didn’t manage to snap a photo of it being stuck together but here’s an image I found off Google.

Thus, it is needed to be handled with care.

I was a little rough in removing them from my eyes; I pinched the lens a little too hard and true enough, the walls of the contact lens stuck together and when I tried to take them apart, it tore.

Upon knowing how fragile they are, I have been careful and gentle in removing them ever since. And it has never tore ever again.

So here I am WARNING you to be gentle, so make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did, okay?




One of the many things I like about Charmé’s contact lenses is how comfortable I feel after wearing them for a long day (or night) out.

The technology behind Charmé solves that problem of wearing contact lenses for long hours.

The comfort level in these monthly lenses also aids in nourishing your eyes with a water content of 38%.

Prior to having Charmé on board, I remember how I had 3 events back-to-back in a day to attend and I was wearing another pair of contact lens from 10am in the morning till 4am past midnight. That accounts up to 16 hours! Surprised

I could hardly even remove them by the end of the day. It had gotten so dry and uncomfortable till it actually caused me a slightly painful discomfort when I was removing them. It was that bad – I recall every single frustration. It was near impossible to remove!

Good thing I won’t be going through that anymore. Phew!




That’s all for today! I will be introducing you the MESMERIZE series in grey and violet in the next review.

Though I love quirky colours, let’s just hope I don’t end up looking like an anime character in the violet one, eh? Tongue Out



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