I know I skipped last weekend's edition of The Sunday Times!

Actually, don't ask me why. I don't know either.


I shall mull two weeks motherload of photos/updates for you, aight?

Better late than never teehee!


Spent some lonely cuddletimes with my favourite boy 


Gave in to the Instagram craze!

Several people have been bugging me to get on Instagram for a while now… and I thought, hey why not?

Follow me on Instagram at – thejessicat


Stormed my kitchen up to make dinner again! :D

Butter-Cereal Prawn & Black Pepper Scrambled Eggs with Tofu & Spinach on a Saturday night


Celebrated my country's Independence Day on the 31st August!

Full blogpost – here *click*


Got a tad nerdy & intellectual for several days

Been preparing for an article about contemporary Malaysian culture!


Off on an airplane to Penang Island courtesy of Heineken!

An epic mini-rave is underway 


Touched down in Penang to attend the Heineken Progressive Tour at 32 Mansion @ Penang

Full blogpost soon! 


I just had to justify myself LOL


Had English breakfast with mom in Dome Cafe @ Gurney Plaza, Penang!

I'd recommend the Eggs Benedict 


Day out in the city : Pavilion KL with buddies Jean-Baptiste & Nestor!


Took the cable car up to Genting Highlands with 'em magician boys after that!

J'ai passé un très bon moment  :D


Outfit of the day in Genting Highlands!


Watched Superstars of Magic 2 four times! Yup, FOUR TIMES.

Too good to only catch it once :D Made wonderful friends there, the cast & crew were an amazing bunch!


Learnt some magic under the tutorledge of two fabulous cardicians

You know who you both are. Much love & gratitude! 


Made a snack at home  Do I smell something healthy?

Fresh lettuce, red corals, wild rocket leaves, butter hearts, radicchio,

red oakleaves with watermelon chunks, oregano & thousand island!


Hit the gym again! Did my usual routine and a 5KM track-run :D


Had a bout of a rather dreadful emotional turmoil & lost my appetite for 4 days.

Stayed in bed. Refused to get out. Wallowed in depression. But yeah, tried to smile for the camera anyhow LOL



Song of the week 



Picked up the pieces, put on a smile and buried my misery six feet under


Question is : How can you forget someone who gave you so much to remember?


Just got back from a satisfying dinner! I recommend the Chicken & Lamb Mixed Royal Kebab with Saffron Rice

A cosy & VERY reasonably priced Middle Eastern place : Saffron Cafe & Restaurant in Damansara Perdana! 



Well, that's what's I've buzzing with during past fortnight, apart from the emotional rollercoaster ride.

It's rather personal, don't ask  But what didn't kill me, made me stronger!


… overcome the tears & attempt the next stride with a smile :D

This week, I am thankful for :

1) The immediate people around me 

2) The lessons in life which I learnt the hard way. 


Have a great seven days ahead dear readers 


Much love,





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