Although I’m definitely not 100% well and fine, I most certainly feel so; albeit feeling more inferior and less attractive, of course. Hence, the shades. =P


Being the shopaholic I am, I took no hesitation in deciding to go shopping when asked.

Yesterday, we went to Ipoh Parade and I spent RM…. Urm.. well.. a sum of money (haha ain’t telling) on some sterling and pewter earrings, anklets, and some other trinkets. Hmm, the rest was spent on an Estee Lauder mascara, Famous Amos cookies, some blank CD’s, and a novel – Fashion Babylon. I have always deemed reading an intellectual past time even considering how extroverted I can be.


Ever since The Shopaholic series, A Dangerous Dress, and The Devil Wears Prada, there was no turning back on my passion for books and novels related with themes of such. High street fashion and designer brands intrigue me, life at Vogue magazine can be such an uphill task; so I’ve learned. The pressure during the (very) much awaited fashion week can be extremely intense. Being a supermodel for Runway can be deafening, yes, deafening with all the stylists, editors, PR’s and designers screaming their lungs out. Indeed, it is fascinating being well-versed with what’s in and what’s out, what’s hot and what’s not. The quintessential winds of fad had boosted my interest ten folds thus further intensifying my love for aesthetic value, which to me, simply boils down to: looking magnificent. Hey! Everyone can relate to this; looking awesome makes a person feel like a million dollars worth. Similarly to me, looking fabulous merely is simplicity at its finest taste.

And on the contrary, I feel atrociously hideous at the moment. Damn you chicken pox. I just can never see myself this way. Yes, I am fully aware of my degree of exaggeration as of now but I just can’t seem to accept myself this revoltingly ugly. Dreadful, you must feel me. *groans*

On the bright side, I went shopping again! *grins*

Today, we went to Kinta City shopping centre and after some light dinner at McD it’s time for me to hit the road – wheeee! Oh, I was just thinking of getting myself a new pair of shades, after my previous one broke (and before you jump into conclusions, I DID NOT sit on it) due to the loosening of the mini screws. Sue the Elle Company for making sunglasses with such inferior quality.

Anyhow, I almost bought the Dior one but it was just a tad too square-ish for me and as for the new arrivals in Calvin Klein, I still wasn’t satisfied with the diamante embedded on the sides. Some was just doggone weird having it on just one side. The Armani’s were downright ugly and too costly. The others were just so-so. Perhaps, I’ll get back to Queensbay and Gurney to choose them.

Those were the almost-there-but-not-quite-there purchases. I mean, why spend so much on something that you’re not too sure about? Money doesn’t grow on trees and if I were to spend it on something that pricey, I’d better like it ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT. Period. If not? Don’t buy it at all. I refuse to experience even one post-purchase second in remorse. Life is too short for regrets.

After what seemed like an hour sifting through my potential shades, I moved on for some apparel shopping. Babydoll dresses had always appealed to me, only that I can never find them just the exact way I want it. Likewise with shoes. Ladies, can you feel me? It’s always gorgeous the moment you set eyes on your favourite pair; but turn them around and there’s a horrible bow, stripe, frill or something that you don’t particularly favour stuck or sewn on it. Either that or you see a pretty pair but the lace at the sides just won’t do!


As I was saying before I digressed (sorry, it’s just my nature) oh yes, the dress. And my jaw dropped the moment I saw it. Exactly the colour, cutting, pattern, length and style I want it in.

Ok fine – not entirely.

I didn’t quite like the sleeves. They were slightly too long. So what? It was the closest thing I found to perfection! Fuck the sleeves, I can always find a way to fold or pin it up. Trivial things like sleeves does not, in any way, govern my decision on to buy or not to buy. Verdict? A yes. I bought it for a sum I do not wish to indicate. (Benj darling, not to worry, it ain’t too expensive and I’ll tell ya how much it is if ya wanna know, hmm?)

As normal wear and tear does to any product manufactured in the universe, my pair of Fila sandals thought it was high time it did the same. I bought another pair to replace them… hey it’s only natural! Speaking of shoes, I bought a sexy pair of strappy black heels from La Primavera. They were fresh of the shelves! Hmm, I realised that new arrivals charm me quite easily. Haha. They always do. Hey, if it’s spanking new, it’s always worth checkin’ em out!


What else did I buy? Oh yes, a loaf of wholemeal bread to suffice as the month’s breakfast, lunch and dinner after my sessions of compulsive shopping. *LOL* Of

course not, silly.


I just prefer wholemeal to white bread.