Wow. It’s 2:43am now by my watch and I’m still not getting any sleep again. AT ALL.

This was simply the reason why I volunteered to accompany grams, mum and godmum to the marketplace this early morning. Yeah, early as in REALLY early; 7 o’ clock after dawn broke. Heck, the only logical reason why I would actually activate myself that early is probably for some hiking or well… um, some early morning romp. *ahem* Excuse me. =)

I still can’t believe I officially did not get any amount of ZZZ’s last night. A real night owl, huh. Hmm.. but I did doze off due to the humid afternoon weather while reading my Marie Claire just now. No offence to Blu Inc. Publication Company whatsoever, it really ain’t a fault of mine as I did not sleep last night!

And right now, my night escapade is repeating itself. Only this time, I’m listening to some saxophone melodies by Kenny G instead of last night’s dark/emo rock numbers by Evanescence.


Just got off the phone two hours ago with boyfriend Benj and I just can’t wait to be held in his arms again after not seeing each other for more than a week. Hey, my chicken pox was contagious and I didn’t want him anywhere near me. But he’s busy with his internship and I’d probably be occupied at the gym, working or shopping at the mall. Hmm.. but I’m sure we’ll manage to find a way to spend some time together like we always do, right Hunn? *mwah*


If I could, I would share my jaunts in the marketplace with all of you. My goodness, you would definitely wanna get some scoop on that. Haha. It’s hilarious.


But right now, my insomnia must be defeated.

Goodnight all.