As an ill person, it is only natural to feel depressed and lonely. That was why my favourite uncle- Uncle Mike had offered to sleep with me. KNOCK IT OFF, PERVERTS.


He SLEPT in the same room as I did, particularly on the upper bunk of the double-decker bed. It was fairly interesting to hear stories from the heydays of someone who is supposed to be your uncle. I mean, which uncle would allow their niece to see them in such a manner? It was more of an,” Oh, I can’t believe you did that when you were my age!” sort of a thing.


Heck, actually, the most comical part that really got me into stitches was the part where he tried in vain, to climb up to the upper bunk. Godmum and I guffawed till our sides hurt! As a matter of fact, it was awfully amusing to see your uncle struggling beyond his mighty strength and skill to get up there. How he loved me so, to be laughed at his expense

Coming down & goin up

Sorry Uncle Mike!