The fasting month has made me realize how much people around the world should value food more. The point of fasting is supposedly to allow society to sacrifice and feel what it’s like without food – just like the needy and poor. But then again, when 7.21pm strikes for all to break their fast, they eat like Kings and Queens; whalloping all they can in all-you-can-eat buffets and spending like there’s no tomorrow in ‘Pasar Ramadhans’ That’s not the way! Anyhow, I’m just sharing the gist of what a Muslim columnist wrote in one our local newspapers.

Being totally Chinese, us gurls can get away with lunch at Subway – without being dragged into Muslim Authority vans. =)

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 Anyone wants to buy us a drink? *winks* haha

Joyce’s first time at Subway was worthwhile; she loved it! So did all of us, the soft dough cookies were delicious and I certainly must share my accidentally-created method of eating it with you dear readers:
Buy the cookie of your choice and place it on the brim of your cup of hot cappucino. It fits perfectly! While letting your cookie sit atop your freshly brewed drink, indulge in a conversation with your buddies. Soon enough, you’ll realize that your cookie has absorbed the rich aroma of the cappucino and is now warm and ready to enter your tummy.

Try it! You won’t regret!

Every good thing must come to an end. Likewise, the carbs that we heartily consumed this afternoon must be burned off. Joyce and I hit the gym again to bust some fat and tone some muscle.
We were even cam-whoring in our towels and trust me, this is the ONLY picture I want to upload in my blog lest I would be sued for public displays of nudity and explicit material.

All hail our sweat and toil

It all went pretty well until we were hangin out in the sauna. JOYCE DROPPED OUR LOCKER KEY INTO THE HIDDEN DEPTHS OF THE SAUNA PLANKS! It was well beyond our reach but thankfully, we were assisted by one of the staffs to break open our locker.

The broken lock      ———>                         

Not to mention the series of security protocol we had to endure, all for the sake of our belongings. Such detailed questioning – almostlike the ones used to interrogate Saddam Hussein! Do we even look remotely anything like or possess any similar traits to those of Osama bin Laden’s subordinates?

Finally, we left the gym after successfully attaining access to our property.

We had our rounds of shopping which turned out to be purchases in the end. Yes Joyce, PURCHASES. Purchases and special discounts.!!! Muahahahahahaa… it’s an inside joke for those of you who raised an eyebrow in confusion. Let’s not go purchasing anymore dear. *gasp*