The last time I ate horrible lunch was just the day before yesterday, and I’m actually glad to say that history did not repeat itself. That statement was purely made without any hints of biasness whatsoever; you’ll see why in a while. =)

Yes, my bestie Joyce and I had lunch at Le’ Cafe, proudly stationed at our college. And I must say, those budding chefs have got quite a skill there! Again, I must reiterate that it’s of no biasness for I shall state objectivity and nothing less than that in this post. Side-tracking from this, my very own boyf is a budding chef himself! =P

Alright now, where was I?

Yes. Le’ Cafe’s lunch set, priced at only 10bucks!! We were full after the hearty main course but decided to chomp down the rather tempting dessert – lovely. 
  *no touching*
great things always comes in a small portion! I’ll have the lion’s share =)

That’s our waiter for the day –     
we welcome you, Palipalam!! (ps. That’s not really his name, when Benj referred to him as by that name, I actually expected to meet an Indian dude)

Ahh.. the contrast of it all =)
Taking the line ‘anyone can cook’ – literally!
Hey, no mice allowed in here Remy! (for those not in the know, watch Ratatouille)

Being the gym brat I am, we took off to CelebF immediately after class. Oh, when I said ‘we’, I meant Joyce and I. YAY she’s my new gym partner! Most of my previous gym partners turned lazy and hardly hits the gym with me now *sniff* Joyce dear, I hope you won’t turn out that way!! Imma make sure you stay! *grins*

laziness kills the dreams from materializing.

This is pure hard work Joyce dear, I’m proud of you.
Keep it up and you’ll be the bombshell!

Oh, and randomly, here’s a candid shot of my maid doing something I can’t possibly describe:
*warning* puasa does not aid a person in slimming down.
 The living proof has met the eye