Whee! It’s Benj’s off day again! =)

We’re making an effort to see each other as often as we can now, as absence can be quite problematic at times, no? For all those fights we had, it certainly made us stronger by the day. Though much we have learned, still much to learn we have.

After PR class, we headed down to Gurney for a lunch at Sushi King with my babes, Steph and Joyce. The four of us chatted about anything under the sun! Nads, lets all go again with you after the Ramadhan month yea? hugs


Lunch at Sushi King was rather enlightening, I must say. For Steph and Benj made me eat a reddish baby octopus and fried scallops which very much resemble ‘Char Koay Teow”. Thanks guys, it’s kinda nice… IF i DO HAVE TO ADMIT. =P

Trying hard to reach up to eat something non-existent =)

Oh, harsh effects of Wasabi unto a person’s facial expressions. Do note that it is indeed nasty. Just because i ain’t uploading Joyce’s Wasabi-fied face, doesn’t mean I can’t forewarn you =)

Happy Tummies

Benj and I then headed down to Cold Storage to do some grocery shopping for our dinner.

After much thought, the chef-instincts were at it again. A awesome hybrid of pasta and pastry! There you have it, Chicken and Pasta Pie – simply invigorating

                So warm and delicious, oven-baked to perfection       

Hubby, there’s no escape! You are to impress me and my gurlfriends next time! XD

Since it was my turn to do the dishes, I had a laugh of my life when i made Benj ask me to do so in Cantonese! Goodness gracious, your intonation and pronunciation of the Cantonese dialect drove me into fits of laughter. =) well… umm… not a bad attempt darling, you finally made me wash it in the end *grins*

But I made you dip your hands into the revolting wet mush to unclog the sink first!!

LOL See? Your Corningware is so clean, thanks to?? Thanks to? Ahahahaaa.. meeeeeee