Hiya lovelies! Like my pet Zebra?

Well, you should.


He's pretty benevolent; stands in a solitary position eating wires all the time 

Poor zebra, prolly thought it was grass his whole life.

With electricity constantly running through him with each surge of voltage in every bite he takes, it's no wonder he's always lighted up.

Same goes for all the other animals in this kingdom of lights


Ladies and gents, welcome to i-City in Shah Alam!


Today, imma share one of the tourist destinations we took my Aussieguests Allyce and Lauren to.

Remember the previous Aussieguest, Carly, I hosted not too long ago? 🙂


Well this is Round 2.

Selamat Datang ke Malaysia Allyce dan Lauren! 


Previously, I brought them to Batu Caves – the famous, historical Indian place of worship.

Apart from showing them heaps of other places of Malaysian lifestyle, we decided to bring them to this technological city of lights as we ourselves, have not been there before either.


So let's get 'em neons on!



More photos with le housies and our wonderful Aussieguests 


With buddy Pam


Flanked by housies Pam & Darryl ;)


Us with fellow housie Edwin. IT IS COMPLEEEEEETE! 


My lovely gurls and I 

Wonder what's behind us?


Take a guess. ;)

I think the snowflakes would be a giveaway.




Yeah as you can plausibly tell, it was Christmas season when we paid i-City a visit.

And you know how we Chinese are always overzealous in putting up Chinese New Year decorations waaayyy before Chinese New Year?

Some even have those Chinese decorations up & blasting Gong Xi Fa Cai songs BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! 


There. Chinese New Year decorations as illustrated.


No matter… SMILE! anyway.


Pretty sights!


As we adjourned to the neon forrest, we were in awe upon seeing the beautifully illuminated fir trees; standing ostentatiously in a myriad of vibrant colours!! :D :D

It takes more than just basic electrician training skills to create this wonderland. 


It was a lovely sight to see. Here they are!



Recognized as the 1st lightscape tourism destination in Malaysia with state-of-the-art LED technology showcase, no wonder this place is always buzzing with people everywhere! 


Made me feel like I'm in Twilight Zone! :D :D


No, not Twilight. 





The American anthology television series which debuted circa 1959


Armed with our DSLR cannons, we were delighted to start shooting away!


First time in this trippy neon city! 😀 Worth a photo

Thanks for the photo Ed!


I was sitting the on the ground snapping photographs away!


Buddy Pam joined me on the ground for some camwhoring


1 2 3 *click*


The boys followed suit 🙂


And everybody joined in as well!


We had to bid farewell to the wondrous night time wonderland as it was getting late

All I can say : bedazzled by i-City! 


My pet zebra says goodbye.



And so do we! 😀 😀