Just had about the best houseparty last night, ever.

T'was all the more merrier with these amazing friends I call my family here in Australia


I came to a (not so) distant land to experience studying abroad and culture, but I found you guys

Truly unforgettable, thanks for making memories with me


It was a real trippy night of crazy-awesome shenanigans, drink-drank-drunkness and a celebration of friendship

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


5 people missing in action for the group photo! 🙁


Oh and, I actually have a video specially dedicated to each and every one of you. 😀

Wanted to play it during this party but couldn't finish it in time. Will put it up on Facebook, bet ya'll will love it to bits


2 photos for now, but more to come… so much more you can't imagine. There were altogether over 300!

Just you wait!


Thanks again for being the best buncha Aussie mates that this foreign Asian chick

can ever find far from home