Couldn't help but to blog this unfortunate "incident" which happened to us this afternoon.

Well, it happened to Alex's car, to be exact. I was glad I filmed the entire rescue process, because whilst I was editing and piecing the video together, it was actually a bunch of very funny moments.


We went to Cleefy's house for a barbeque-cum-houseparty yesterday, stayed the night…

and this was what we saw the next morning


Holy smokes. Car tyres stuck in the mud. It was bogged!

What are we gonna do??? 



Here's a funny video I made. You MUST watch it till the end! 😀

How to Rescue or Get Your Car Out When it is Stuck in Mud 101


Funny thing is, why does this always happen to Aussies?

My other mate Deanna had almost the entire front of her car dipped in mud and it was stuck in it overnight, last month.


Thankfully, a bunch of strong men helped her get it out.


So, now you know what to do when it is stuck in mud, okay?

Wait for a random old man to appear and adhere to his wise words.


Kidding! Just make sure you have a strong nylon rope/cord with you. For you never know when your car is ever going to get stuck in mud.

Or wear a sexy blue underwear for added masculinity while rescuing the car.


Hey, it works both ways 😀 😀