Before I begin, I wish to express my utter dissatisfaction about Sushi King’s quality as of now. My gurls and I went for lunch there and we were quite surprised – rather unpleasantly – to experience what we just did. Hmm…. *thinks*

Denise’s salmon came in such a small portion
Andrea’s Mackerel wasn’t a mackerel
my orders of two Kanimayo came as one!

Ohhhhhhhhh….. but at least the manager had the decency to replace Drea’s unidentified poser-mackerel fish. She was gracious enough to do so. *thumbs up*

Anyway, we had fun chatting and chatting till we ate and ate as we went on and on. =)

ooh.. we were fuggin full and look at how we ate.. reminds me of the hungry gluttons

Just look at the sprawled peas!                

And.. no. We did not place them that way. It looks so uncultured by the mere look of it. =(

Oh, and randomly… what does this look like? =P

We stayed from 1plus all the way till 3plus! Oh and Drea’ replacement mackerel was EXACTLY the same thing as before. Honestly woman, I don’t see the point of you giving Drea another when it’s still the same thing.

Denise , Jess , Drea, Nads & Steph

Where’s my dear Joyce??? *pokes Joyce*

Luv yall babes!