We suddenly felt like letting our hair down and singing our hearts out today. It all started with a simple thought – which ended up materializing at RedBox!

Our five hours were fabulous as we sang and danced so much, and also group hugging and picture taking! Seriously, what would I do without my gurlfriends? Love ya’ll  friggin hell so much.
Here’s to all of you – xoxo ♥ ♥

My babes Joyce, Andrea, Nads, Denise & Steph ———

Our songs had an vast array to it; to simply state what I had just mentioned would certainly be an understatement. It ranged from English to Malay and even Chinese songs, oldies to the latest chart-topping numbers, kiddish songs to grown-up hits and of course, melancholy ballads to upbeat tempos. Practically everything under the sun!

I loved it where we could just croon ‘Take Me Home Country Road’ without a hitch and also rap to ‘Fergalicious’ hands down.  Even so, we grooved and danced like mad to Nelly Furtado’s ‘Promiscuous’ funky tempos and waltzed our way through ‘Tennesse Waltz’ hand-in-hand.

Again, the cameraderie was brimming throughout. We even danced on the settee! =P

That’s my gurl Joyce and I chillin’

Nads was so tired and she sorta napped a lil at the corner. Hmm.. maybe she wasn’t napping, just resting her eyes =) Joyce, Drea and I were laughing ourselves silly when we screamed as the song pitch raised itself 3notches higher.

Denise!! We’re gonna have you to sing alone in our next round!
I dare ya! =)

———————–What a ball of a time we had!!!!!————-

For 5 solid hours, we were pretty much wiped out and drained. The ending was quite unexpected though, we broke a jug. *ahem*

  People break glasses, but we break jugs!! *gasp*
oh and… yes. Those are lemons that were from the fallen jug

Anyhow, we had a blast – right gurls? let’s do it again some time!
We’re all in this together!