This is just phenomenal! Everybody at the back of the class is laughing, swearing and poking fun at someone’s friendster profile. Well, would you roll on the floor laughing if you saw your very own classmate having 35 semi-naked pictures of himself, plastered all over his friendster? duh!

Ooh and that’s not all. Everyone says that he looks as though he’s on drugs in all of his pictures!

I wish I could put the link here, but it would just be too mean.
Just a tip –
He”s on my friendster.

In fact, everyone was falling off the chair in dismay and utter shock about his friendster profile when he coincidentally walked in. Oops! I casually warned my other classmates, out loud! : People! Do not speak while the subject matter is present. =P

Thankfully, he didn’t realise.

Oh and seriously. We were so bored in class and I just had no idea why the subject came up, but the whole table cracked up laughing at the ignorance of our classmates who ACTUALLY thinks Africa is a country!! Gosh people… have you ever taken Geography? Hey, don’t blame me for being shocked alright… no offense. Just imagine your friends telling you that they think Asia is a country. You would be baffled too! So, likewise for this case. Sorry! *hugss*

Oh, and whilst giving a rough illustration where Africa (a CONTINENT my dears, not a country) was located in the world map, it just struck me to draw a drowning stick-figure. Hmm.. I passed this scrunched up piece of notebook paper just to laugh at everybody’s different answers

‘What would you do if this was you?
Answer in a single sentence’
That was what I wrote on the paper

And imagine the answers i got! Wow.. different views. =) Hey, but seriously.. what would you do?