Just got back from Langkawi Islands!

Sunnies, sand, seas, booze, choccies and him. What could be better? We made our escapade at the end of 2009 in time to usher the new year of 2010 with fireworks by the bonfire beach with DJs spinnin’ at the decks.


We went jet-skiing in the middle of the sea, indulged in lotsa seafood, headed to the spa, drank by the beach and more about how our holiday went soon! I wanna sleep it’s 1.30AM and I just came home from the harbour.


Anyways, I’m secretly glad that I managed to avoid the KL traffic during the new year celebration. Whilst in Langkawi, I kept reading countless tweets regarding how disastrous it was for everyone to maneuver on the road ala battlefield.

Whilst the only problem I had moving around was having too much sand between my toes *wags tongue* hee. The joy of running away from the city!

I just turned around and asked the boyfie what’s his New Year Resolution only to have him reply : “To be more active in Facebook”
Like wtf? That’s all?

And here’s my new year resolutions. I shan’t be bothered making a whole long list because unfailingly every single darn year, I tend to get over ambitious and end up not achieving any of ’em… bummer! So here’s my 2010 list – simple and short(er)

1. Lose 10KGs
I’m dead serious about this, Celebrity Fitness here’s where you come in

2. Be more diligent in dyeing my hair streaks red
Ugly roots showing are a faux pas!

3. Paint my room walls red
Which reminds me, I haven’t blogged about my new condo yet. It’s 70% red!

4. Maintain my average of 3.8gpa for each semester in University
Oyeahhhh here I come!

5. Worship Britney
Please! “Leave her alone!

6. Take care of my belongings
As though they have an ability to assassinate me

7. Be less of a shopaholic and save more moolah

so I can shop even more!

8. Save money to buy more camera gear and go on more holidays around the world!
But what if I run out of countries to go when I turn 60? Then again there are 195 countries and I don’t wish to be a Centenarian

9. Be able to rear a black cat and a black swan
regardless of any illiberal superstitious nitwits

10. Come home more often to visit the family
especially granny

11. Smile and graciously say “Thank You” whenever someone buys me a keychain as a souvenir
-____- self explanatory

12. Shag an Italian tourist, proceed to chomp on linguine and pretend nothing happened.

I prefer macaroni actually.

13. Be less cynical towards men who watch the ‘Gossip Girls’ series
*shrugs* Yeah, beats me either.

14. Believe in Chinese superstitions.
Yes, I deliberately chose this resolution to be number 14

15. Wear proper pyjamas to sleep
Haha. Hah. hah.


By now you must be thinking what a delirious person I’ve been after the holiday. Haha, in fact, from that whole list of 15 New Year Resolutions, only 6 are true.

Can you tell which one is not?
Go figure! 🙂