Ohhmy…. Now it’s only days to the private party with free flow of Carlsberg and the FHM Girl Next Door Finalists! It’s gonna be happening on the 8th of December 2009 in the Carlsberg Lounge, Shah Alam.

So excited to party on down with my girl friends : )

A friend of mine Jie Jun, won the Carlsberg Christmas Tree party! Sucha lucky biatch : ) She hung an insane number of 1182 trinkets on her tree, more than anyone else!

That’s like whoaaaaa jawdropping. I bet she never ate nor slept, constantly hanging her friends one by one, relentlessly on the Christmas Tree 😛


It was nice of her to invite me to join the party as well. I wonder what I’m going to wear? Hmmm… *ponders* something green or red perhaps? Can’t believe I’m still in the Christmas spirit although it’s already 2010! Or I’d prolly wear white or red and look like a candy cane and serve Carlsberg draughts wtf! : )

Nahhh. Phail.
I think I’d leave it to the hotter bombshell with a bit more skin

Regardless of what I’m gonna wear, I bet everybodehh will also put their best foot forward and glam up too! Heck, I know the dudes will. After all, they will be partying in the same room with the FHM Girl Next Door Finalists – do I hear the temperature rising? *evil laughter*

Check some of them out :

But that’s only 5 of them! There’s TEN altogether. If I’m in a good mood, I’d post the bikini pictures of them too in the next post : ) With them frolicking with each other getting sun-kissed and wet at a waterpark. So whatcha waiting for, slow mo? Hee.


Join us all at the party, it’s not too late! Be a fan of Carlsberg on Facebook [here] and you might just be one of the many lucky ones to walk away with invites as well. See ya there party peeps! : )