Okay, if ya think it isn’t another sappy love story you’re sitting down to, then be forewarned. Because it probably is. And make it with double doses of syrupy sweet musings.

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I know I haven’t exactly been penning down my personal life, depicting it with pictures and emotional thoughts very much this year. Reason not being my unwillingness to share – but simply because apparently I seem to have detoured to other priorities in my writings, which are other blog entries scheduled for publishing.


Then again, how much of a public blog do I want this to be?

Another dry, commercialized platform?
I wouldn’t dream of it.

But gone are the days which I would return home and wank my thoughts out or blog personal pictures/stories from the grey matter every few hours. Today, 4 years down the road in blogging… I now bring you public interest content, photography and event coverages.

Which can be a tad exhausting for me, keeping to deadlines of my fast and furious activities. One of my New Year Resolutions is to make this blog entirely more me. Yup, you still get the same post-event stories and piccies but also once again, bits and pieces of my personal life of love, friendship and family. Hey, it’s variety! *winks*


Many a time, the boyfie casually questions me in earnest, as to why I don’t blog about our relationship, our dates or our holidays together and other special moments.


Call me paranoid or secretive but I shudder at the mere thought of having another publicly broadcasted relationship story only to have it under surveillance by certain unorthodox people poking into our lives.

Leave us alone. We bite.
I savage.

Which I have done, in the past with the ex-boyfriend only to close the chapter of a 4 year relationship. (Don’t ask) It’s just funny how people can publish their intimate moments and dramatically proclaim their love to one another for the World Wide Web to see… and when it ends, all is tragically silent. And not to mention, awkward.


I guess this was my lesson. Or rather, a qualm to ponder upon and holding me back before I see myself in a repeating cycle of this nasty vile taste called life. I was just afraid the past would come and bite me once again, leaving me to nothing but disintegrated shreds of remorse and buckets of tears. I was that paranoid child snared by the past.


But now, a fresh new start of more than 1 year down the road, you, misturr, have proven me wrong.


You are indeed one of the most patient, open minded and tolerant person with lots of empathy, warmth and tender loving care that I’ve ever known. Cajoling me and subsiding my bawls whenever I get lonesome and often, putting up with my misfit of a much dreaded long distance relationship (LDR)

He once said to me “If you see someone as the person you want to share the rest of your life with, then everything that happens is worth it”

During my PMS-sy days, I always question myself as to why I even bother putting so much effort holding on to what might seem to be a virtual relationship and living a life counting the days to the next time we see each other again. Really. It’s tiring.


But again, you would never give up on me neither wanting me to ever give up.
What’s the 1st few years of an LDR compared to eternity of a lifetime relationship after?


Welcome to the world of LDR – where airports become your best friends. May your bills skyrocket and absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Often I get inspired by my other friends who are, themselves, in an LDR too, one for 2 years and another for 5 years. Sure, predicaments will come and go, but one must never forget the pulsating reason why you both embarked on this journey of test and time in the first place.

As corny as it may sound, the reason is because you have found the right person.

I know I have πŸ™‚

To share a life with and for certain times of the year, having a good challenger to beat you flat or let you rule at hardcore drinks. Ahh yes.


And someone to annoy you by constantly spoiling your self-indulged camwhore moments! FML but ILY all the same. Rawr!


Sure, we bicker at times but we all should never forget that there is always an option to agree to disagree. Differences come and go but then again, it’s what makes every individual so one of a kind. πŸ™‚


But like everybody says, making up after a fight is always the sweetest. I bet every couple can attest to that. Guaranteed!

ETC 052

It’s the little things that keeps us freshly and crazily in love everyday, certainly takes two hands to clap. Not one side, but two. The both of you.

If one side only wants to make it happen
how to finish this drink ah?

Surprises, love notes, gifts, heart to heart moments, getaway trips together, random bursts of sweet talk and spending time with each other on the phone till we fall asleep. Thank technology for MSN, e-mails, SMS, calls and skype.


And ultimately, trust and optimism.


For something which we thought would only be a December fling, blossomed into something worth fighting for and looking forward to, each fleeting day.


But now, a year has passed; marking the 1st milestone of our official dating history. I can never forget how you held my hand in yours with shiny hopeful eyes, after last New Year’s fireworks display, when you first asked me to be your girlfriend,


of which I answered in the affirmative (duh!). And here we are today!


365 days of being loyally committed to an LDR. *beams* I must say I’m proud of us! There was never a day which we never spoke or told each other how much we loved each other. It’s quite fun to always sneakily plan surprises for each other to unfold when we meet again.


Athough being physically apart (unlike other non-LDR couples) from you can be painful at times, I’m thankful how it made us grow as one, not taking each other for granted and getting to know each other better and better as time passes.

Thank you Josh dearest, for being the best of me.


My only wish though – I just can’t wait for the day we can finally lift this LDR into having become at least, in the same vicinity. And there, another love story begins! πŸ™‚


Happy 1st Anniversary lurve!
… and more to come!

Okay since I’m wide awake at 4.29am, Imma add in a nicely photoshopped note *biggrin* And ahem, I don’t know why you magically did not see the draft of this post when you logged on my blog’s dashboard. Or did you? O_O


Okai now I can sleep before tomorrow’s trip. Naites youu!