Okay so since I’m all in the Christmas mood (haha I reckon part of it is contributed by all the malls playing Christmas songs throughout the day and massive Christmas sales slashing each other at the throats already) , here’s some Christmas delights that will take your tastebuds all around the world.

With some gingerbread cakes!

Being the fabulous people that they are as always, Prince Hotel & Residence KL, extended a few of us invitations for a food tasting session of their Christmas Buffet Dinner Media Dine Around at all the restaurants in their premises.

My external flash died on me for some reason a few weeks ago during another food review, so this is the best I could get in dim and incandescent lighting. But believe me, all photos never do justice in comparison with the real deal in Prince Hotel πŸ™‚

Picture fresh oysters wrapped with dried seaweed, grated white radish
and spring onions with citrus soy dressing. Ya got it right there.

We were taken to Enju, that incredible Japanese Restaurant I can vouch for. Other cocktails may flow and go every other day but this is one cocktail to remember. It’s aptly called the Kaki Oyster Cocktail.

Thanks for the piccie Tocky πŸ™‚

I suppose the Christmas spirit of giving has already got into their F&B team, as they also served us freshly made Hokkaido Spider Crabs flown in just the night before all the way from Japan!

So dramatic I just had to Black&White it πŸ™‚

That was Chef Thomas, the Japanese chef which I previously blogged about my sushi making experience [HERE] . So once it’s all cut and dolled up (for the lack of a better technical F&B term) here it is, finely prepared to our liking.

One plate was not enough.
And THAT was an understatement. If there was anything I’d recommend,
this is the 1st thing I will suggest at Enju, Prince Hotel & Residence

Randomly, we also caught him battling it out with a gigantic fish. I tell you ah, even if I were to attempt fishing for each and every hour of my life, everyday for a year I won’t be hooking up with a beauty like this (pun unintended!)

Look at the size of that!

After our gastronomic escape to Japan, we settled down on the Straits of China for some Chinese cuisine.


Prince Hotel & Residence’s Award Winning Tai Zi Heen makes one look no further. We were served with Braised Pearl Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat and Crab Roe in Broth


And a wide variety of dishes follows through into a splendid wonder of scrumptious Chinese delicacies. Just as always!


After some appetizers, the Sauteed & Diced Beef Tenderloin with leeks, crispy sliced garlic and honey peas in a Vietnamese Rice Paper Basket also caught my eye πŸ™‚

Soon after, we headed down to Eccucino, the central coffee house and restaurant of Prince Hotel & Residencies. I was stoked upon seeing all their Christmas decors and the wholesome Christmas menu! Totally reminds me of the real Christmas spirit!


I see snow! πŸ˜€

The first thing which got me heading towards was of course, the carving station. Loved almost everything there! On the sides were Bread Stuffing and Cornbread Stuffing with thyme, dried fruits, sausages, bell peppers, beef bacon, apple and more. That really tasted swell!


Roasted Turkey with Giblet Gravy was the main attraction of that station but they also had various sauces for us to choose from – I chose one of each, just to have the best of both worlds! Or this this case, best of 5 worlds πŸ™‚

My pick would definitely be the either the Chipotle Cranberry sauce
or the Cranberry-Orange Compote
(it’s the two on the left)


Other fabulous dishes on the buffet table was the Chick Pea Salad with Smoked Chicken Breast and Grilled Zucchini. A healthy yet delicious alternative though! Those chicken strips are just right and tender to my tastebuds πŸ™‚

You can haz moar! πŸ™‚

Miss those signature Italian meatballs with that heavenly yum of a gravy? Gulp it all down this Christmas – and you don’t have to head all the way down to Ikea to get your hands on those!

At the Action Station. Meatballs are the yums.

In this Christmas Menu, the New England Clam Chowder was made in abundance too. Bet mom will love that heaps! But one of my fave soups of all time would definitely the Pumpkin Soup.

At each and every food review or even casual foodie outings,
the Pumpkin Soup would be my choice of starter soups.

Some lovely French Pastries to to add to that perhaps? πŸ™‚

Comes in all shapes and sizes!

It was dessert time after that gastronomic haul of more food such as Barbequed Duck Breast, Creamy Potato Salad, Steamed Salmon, Minced Lamb Salad, Roasted Sirloin, Sauteed Prawns, Stewed Lamb Shank and too many that I won’t be able to list them all down before the cows come home.

So let’s take a look at those desserts instead!

The Yule Log
with little santas atop! Whee ain’t they cute?

The very popular Dresdner Stollen!
Aww look at lonely Santa

Fairytales of the Gingerbread Man and the Gingerbread House takes me a loooong way back when I was just a child of 5 spending Christmas with my folks back home. Check out their Gingerbread house with lotsa snow and ornaments!

Oh and you’ll see me dolling up a gingerbread man
in the next post πŸ™‚

The legendary chocolate fondue!
Dip them with Marshmellows and you’ll never go wrong

Like I did! πŸ™‚ We loved it to bits.

At the other end of the table, there was an ice sculpture of a Christmas Tree. Edward Scizzorhands much?

And around it was the finest cold-cut bites you could ever ask for

These huge bombshells were amongst them:

And I shall leave the rest to your imagination
OR get your Christmas arse down to Eccucino and
experience this gourmet buffet for yourselves!

With this, I’m glad that you won’t go devoid of ideas of where to eat your Christmas Dinner! Amayzeeeng with a capital A. So, head down to Prince H0tel & Residence with an empty stomach and you’ll be sure you’ll leave bursting your buttons! πŸ™‚ Such an amazing job well done by their team of chefs lead by Chef Donald Pezar!


For your sake and the joy of Christmas, here are the telephone
numbers that you might need. Call for reservations at

Enju (Japanese Restaurant)
+603-2170 8888 ext. 8203

Tai Zi Heen (Chinese Restaurant)

+603-2170 8888 ext. 8200

Eccucino (Coffee House & Restaurant)
at +603-2170 8888 ext. 8119