Okay, I’ve made up my mind. My 3rd tattoo will be inked above my ankle after Chinese New year. Will be heading down to Borneo Ink with a friend, Joe, to do his 4th tattoo as well. Piercings? I’ve always wanted to pierce my lip but … *trails off* heh.

Had my bangs cut again just yesterday and getting them back to red just like I’ve always had.

Okay, just kidding. That ain’t me. I have no idea who this girl is. But I pretty damn like her style. Very very bloodshot and goth. Even I didn’t come as close during Halloween

Don’t really have a new piccie of the bangs except the brief one that I posted on my [Twitter page] yesterday. But it more or less looks like the one below, except thicker.

Oh and speaking of tattoos, I actually had quite a lot of requests asking me to show both my tattoos in one picture. Sorry guys, for taking so long! Reason being I really didn’t have a proper photograph that showed both my inks. But whilst clearing up my photo archive, I just realized I had ONE PICTURE!

I don’t remember when it was taken but I think I was
shooting some night shots of KLCC

Honestly, I don’t really like both of them as I think they’re kinda juvenile -__-“
Well, I WAS only a friggin’ teenager when I did it! That explains it. This time round, Imma attempt to do something more bold and daring.

Don’t worry, I’m not emo.
In fact, I’ve been a really happy girl the whole of this year
thanks to a special someone *winks*

Anyways, looking forward to get myself tattooed and scrunching my face in pain again! Hey, it’s actually quite addictive. This time round, I better make sure I video the process of me getting inked. Can’t believe I didn’t get a video of my first two! -___-

But Imma show you some really AWESOME TATTOOS and also, the really horrid/epic fail/cannot make it/diedotcom ones. Enjoy! 🙂 That sorta teaches one to REALLY REALLY be sure of what tattoo to have one because there’s no turning back!

Oh, managed to snap a piccie of the new hair at my condo balcony when it was really sunny. Red checkered bow and metallic black bangle courtesy of mom. 🙂