It's that time of some happy party pics before the much dreaded exams swamp my study table 😀


So I was at the Eurobeats party along with some of ma party peeps, just the other day. It's also one of the parties under the Horeca series of events! Here's the Wonderland party held at 7atenine last week which I've blogged about too.



We managed to get the bar table all to ourselves

Jason, MeiYing, Esther, myself and Shannon were there throughout the night 😀



And so the menu was once again a fabulous blend of cocktails! In addition to the menu they had last week, this week features 4 new cocktails too. I don't exactly remember all 4 names but methinks there was one called 'Slippery Pool' or something along those lines.


I recognized both the bartenders from the previous Horeca party! 😀



They made me a cocktail called the 'Pink Lover'. Strange but way too coincidental, I was decked in pink that night. So it's one 'Pink Lover' for the pink missus ey? FYI I'm not always dressed in pink, more to a red & black person.

It was Baskin Robbin's Pink Wednesday too, hence the pinky-pinkness you see.


Takin' a swig off' my Pink Lover!

Brass Key & Ring necklace + Gold bangle by Soak Republic



Soon, I noticed something flashy in the distance. Something moving… something electrifiying!

Something brightly lit, possibly a human lightning rod?



ohh nope it wasn't any of the above


Whoa! It was a team of futuristic electric LED girls dancing on the podiums and bar-tops!

Pretty cool, if I do say so myself



So while the lads were busy feasting their eyes on these electricfiying dancers, we gurls, particularly Esther and I were busy foolin' around with our cameras!



and nibbled on some kiwi

(which was supposed to be part of the drinks but since the bartenders left it out so openly… *whistles*)

Just a lil, wouldn't hurt right? 😀 😀

There were many to go around anyways! 😛



Not up for hard liquor today, for a change! The free flow of cocktails just wouldn't stop! Heck, I'm not complaining 😛 😛 Just sad that I was my own chauffeur today, so kinda worried about being stopped by the cops again for 'drunk driving'.. bah!

Though I'm never in support of reckless drunk driving, you should know what DRUNK DRIVING means by ludicrous Malaysian standards – even just 2 regular pints of beer is enough to have you fail the breathalizer test. Imagine that! Yes, it is sad. Don't remind us.


So.. I guess it's a no-go for today!


More party piccies before we all ended the night hehe


xoxo 😀


ZOMG this mentalist David Lai can bend a coin in half!


and no, I'm not delusional. He can even bend forks in omni-directions


Blur & failed picha with #nikifail 😛 😛



So the long weekend for us all has begun! As we speak, I'm back home with the family for a well-deserved break 🙂

Happy Wesak Day for those who are celebrating and to those who are traveling back to their hometowns, have a safe drive yeah? 😀 😀 *cough*

Don't indulge in "drunk driving" ahhaahhahha.

Speak soon!