‘…birdz ovva featha flock 2getha…’

and yeah, sinz me n ma babyboii din go 2sch 2day we decided 2go sight seeing all around penang! ronda-ronda… kekekeke… rememba in ma last post, i mentioned tat i felt lyk goin 2youth park? Hmm… we went 2a place bettah than dat! Simply more fun!

i felt liberated fo tha very 1st time tiz year…. cuz i got 2go wherever i please… wivvout ma folkz and ma maid naggin tha fudge outta me~! imma show u how 2feel me! we tought ovv goin 2island plaza at 1st cuz i SO wanted 2go 2roxy.. but we ended up goin 2gurney instead. Watched ‘Bewitched’ there n met sum ppl there… *ahhem* Then tha shopaholic as usual, hopped frm place 2place n raided evrythin! Well, therez so much 2see! so much 2buy! =) nyehehhee.. left gurney wivv a bodyglove sox and Abercrombie & Fitch surfer pantz! *high 5* anotha matchin purchase! kekekeke… am i turnin u in2 a shopaholic too hmm b…?

Later, we went 2buy tha famous ‘chai tao koay’ near Penang Hill… kekeeke.. met ma ko in his frenz there.. wut a small world! *blinx* Wut a fun day! Hmm…. hey B, we saw lotza Arabicz n Japanese din we? kekeke… Sinz d sky had darkened a lil, we made a beeline home…. *yayy* mum ate n liked our ‘chai tao koay’ din she?

Ohh well… lookz like imma have 2go 2sch 2moro…. it’ll too terribly dreadful foh ppl 2think dat i played truant??!?! Which i obviously DID NOT. Period. Hmm… dunno if tha resultz r out yet but, i’ll b crossin ma fingerz!